Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division



Faculty appointments and promotions

Dr. Cecilia Morgan was appointed to VIDD senior staff scientist effective 7/1/12.

VIDD recently performed a national search to recruit a faculty member who will build a program in mathematical modeling of infectious disease dynamics. Dr. Josh Schiffer was appointed assistant member of VIDD effective July 1, 2012. His research on mathematical modeling of herpes virus pathogenesis and the human immune response to viral infections has had a marked impact on the field of herpes biology. Dr. Schiffer was previously an associate in VIDD and an associate in CRD. He is an acting instructor in the Department of Medicine at University of Washington.

VIDD assistant members Dr. Ying Huang and Dr. Youyi Fong have been appointed affiliate assistant professors in the Department of Biostatistics at the University of Washington

Drs. Jennifer Balkus and Jonathan Sugimoto were both hired as VIDD staff scientists in June of this year.

New hires

VIDD welcomes many new employees hired May and June of this year.

Drs. Jingyang Zhang and Ying Zhang joined PS Statistics as postdoctoral fellows in April and May 2012, respectively, and Ellie Bau began an internship in PS Statistics 6/12/12.

Dr. Lena Heung will begin working under Dr. Tobias Hohl’s mentorship this academic year. She’ll be starting her second year of the UW’s Division of Allergy and Infectious Disease Fellowship training program in July. Dr. Diego Lopez de Castillo will begin working under Dr. Corey’s mentorship in the HVTN this academic year and will also be starting his second year of the UW’s Division of Allergy and Infectious Disease Fellowship training program in July.

Bhavesh Borate and Karen Liu joined Applied Statistics in June as statistical research associates III.

April Randhawa joined VIDD as the lab data operations manager in SCHARP in June and we also welcome Katie Snapinn, a systems analyst/programmer II, to SCHARP-Lab Data Operations.

A graduate research assistant, Erin dela Cruz, started in CSQUID 6/15/12.


Congratulations to Courtney Liebi, who was promoted to project manager in HVTN, effective 5/1/12.

Population Sciences is happy to announce several recent promotions:

Jon Ringuette -- information technology manager, SCHARP IT, 5/1/12

Corey Kelly -- project manager II, Prevention and Perinatal Study Management, 4/1/12

Sam Albert -- data control technician II, Data Operations Group, 5/1/12

Tony Messent -- technical document specialist II, Data Operations Group, 5/1/12

Shelly Fowler -- data control technician II, Data Operations Group, 5/1/12

Laura McKinstry -- project manager II, Prevention and Perinatal Study Management, 5/1/12

Jennifer Berthiaume -- project manager I, Microbicides Study Management, 5/1/12

Katie Weaver -- systems analyst/programmer VI, SCHARP-Operations Programmers, 3/19/12

Helen Brown -- medDRA coding specialist, SCHARP-Clinical Affairs, 6/15/12

Awards, honors

Dr. Raphael Gottardo was invited by UW/FHCRC Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) to become a member of this organization. The mission of the CFAR, which is funded by 7 co-funding Institutes of the NIH, is to support a multi-disciplinary environment that promotes basic, clinical, epidemiologic, behavioral, and translational research in the prevention, detection, and treatment of HIV infection and AIDS. Congrats, Raphael!


VIDD wishes Dr. Jessica Yager the best of luck as she has accepted a position in New York.


Faculty appointments

Dr. Warren Phipps was recently appointed to associate in VIDD as of February 2012 and Dr. Nicole Basta was made VIDD affiliate investigator also effective as of February 2012. Fred Hutch/University of Washington Cancer Consortium welcomes Dr. Steve Pergam, associate in VIDD, as the newest member of the Consortium. VIDD staff scientist Dr. Dobromir Dimitrov recently received an Applied Math appointment as affiliate professor at UW. Dr. Greg Finak was promoted to VIDD staff scientist in April 2012 and is working with assistant member Raphael Gottardo. Dr. Jessica Yager will be a research associate in VIDD and a senior fellow/acting instructor at the University of Washington, both effective 7/1/12. Dr. Keith Jerome was recently appointed professor of Laboratory Medicine in the Department of Medicine at UW; his professorship is effective July 1.

Dr. Glenda Gray, co-PI of the HVTN and HVTN’s director of International Programs and professor of Pediatrics at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, was appointed unanimously by the VIDD A&P committee for appointment as external joint member of VIDD. Dr. Gray is the executive director of the Perinatal HIV Research Unit for the Wits Health Consortium at the University of Witwatersrand, a unit that she co-founded in 1996, and her expertise in HIV research and clinical trials will be invaluable for VIDD collaborations, mentorships and scientific advancements.

New hires

VIDD welcomes two new system analysts/programmers working with assistant member Raphael Gottardo –Leo Dashevskiy (as of January 2012) and Renan Sauteraud (as of March 2012).

Kathy Mack joined VIDD in March as the executive assistant to Steve Self. We also welcome Holly Gundacker who began as a statistical research associate for the MTN in April, and Sharon Givens who is our new administrative coordinator for faculty support. Two system analysts/programmers, Rick Westcott and Sudha Gunturu, joined VIDD in April of this year.

Ryan Cook joined the HVTN Core- Evaluation & Planning as a temporary project coordinator II in April; Katie Osterhage joined HANC Legacy as a temporary AA I in May.  There are two new faces in the HANC Legacy Project:  Jillian Musarra is now a volunteer RA and Maria Rodriguez an intern. Alicia Yamamoto joined the HVTN Core as a training project manager III and Andreanne Lacroix joined CITN as a vaccine trials project manager I. Welcome to VIDD!

Erik Schwab was recently transferred to Scientific Development of the HVTN Core as a technical document specialist.


Congratulations to Charissa McCuen, who was promoted to SCHARP administrative manager as of this month. Abbe Lynch has transferred from Population Sciences to work with new VIDD division administrator Leslie Sandberg as her administrative coordinator. Ana Olazabal has been promoted to administrative assistant II in Operations and Ramey Fair was promoted to associate director in Protocol Development of the HVTN Core. Emily Dossett has been promoted to project manager for VIDD Special Projects.

Awards, honors

The University of Washington/Fred Hutch for AIDS Research (CFAR) International Core is delighted to announce this year’s International Infrastructure Awards. CFAR has chosen to award VIDD affiliate investigator Dr. Lisa Frenkel, who is a professor at the University of Washington and Seattle Children’s Hospital Research Institute.

Dr. Warren Phipps was just awarded a 2-year HIV-Associated Malignancy Pilot Award totaling $120,000 for a project entitled, “Impact of HHV-8 Replication on the Development of KS Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome” from an NCI supplement to the Cancer Center Support Grant. 

Diana Lynn, project manager in SCHARP, received $10,000 to assist in the pursuit of her master’s degree from the University of Washington Evans School of Public Administration from the Peggy Means Leadership Development Fund.

VIDD research associate Dr. Maggie (Pollack) Green just received a K-23 award for the study of antibody responses to transplant-associated CMV infection.

Dr. Nicholas Weber, a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Keith Jerome’s laboratory, was awarded funding beginning June 1, 2012 through the Interdisciplinary Training Grant to work on HBV infections in collaboration with Drs. Jerome and Barry Stoddard.

Special announcements

Dr. Larry Corey, President and Director of the Hutch, was recently elected into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAAS). This is one of the most prestigious and selective organizations in the US and it is a great honor to be recognized in one’s field by AAAS. Dr. Corey is a preeminent virologist who has published over 650 papers and made enormous contributions to not only basic virology and immunology, but also to clinical management strategies for herpesviruses and HIV infections. Dr. Corey joins just 6 other Hutch faculty in AAAS. Fellow 2012 class members include Hilary Rodham Clinton, Melinda Gates and Mel Brooks.

“Election to the Academy is both an honor for extraordinary accomplishment and a call to serve,” said Academy President Leslie C. Berlowitz. “We look forward to drawing on the knowledge and expertise of these distinguished men and women to advance solutions to the pressing policy challenges of the day.”

The SCCA Infection Prevention Program has been awarded the Qualis Healthcare Award of Excellence in Healthcare Quality for: "Evaluating the Effectiveness of an Infection Control for Construction, Remodel, and Maintenance Policy in an Ambulatory Oncology Setting.” Award winners will be recognized at the Washington Patient Safety Coalition's Northwest Patient Safety Conference on May 15, 2012.

Congratulations to all!


Congratulations to Associate Member Dr. Keith Jerome who has just been appointed as Head of the Virology Division in the Department of Laboratory Medicine at University of Washington. Dr. Jerome was selected to replace Dr. Larry Corey as division head after an extensive national search. He assumes his new role Feb. 8, 2012.

VIDD Executive Director Banks Warden will be transitioning to Managing Director of VIDD Special Projects. In this new position Warden will oversee international projects, including the Uganda UCI/Hutchinson Center Cancer Alliance, and continue his work as a conduit between VIDD research and the local and international community. Warden is also the current COO of the HVTN.

Leslie Sandberg, MBA joined VIDD on Feb. 7, 2012 as the new division administrator. She will play an invaluable role in VIDD, overseeing and managing such services as budget development, human resources, administration, and space and shared resource planning. Sandberg comes to VIDD with a wealth of expertise and we are very pleased to welcome her.

New employees

Cheryl Kruesel joined Population Sciences on Jan. 24, 2012 as the new quality services manager. Dr. Shinji Kasahara recently joined the lab of Dr. Tobias Hohl as a postdoctoral scientist and will be studying the role of both innate and adaptive antifungal immune responses. Denelle Reilly joined HVTN in February 2012 as senior regulatory affairs associate. VIDD also welcomes Matthew Kirts, who will start Feb. 13, 2012 as the VIDD SharePoint manager.

Faculty appointments

Dr. Dennis Chao was appointed senior staff scientist by faculty vote in December 2011; Chao is in Population Sciences and works with Dr. Betz Halloran. Dr. Daniel Stone, who works with Dr. Keith Jerome, was recently appointed staff scientist. VIDD welcomes Dr. Nicole Basta as an affiliate investigator; Basta recently earned her PhD in Epidemiology from the University of Washington.


Doug Lowe was promoted to fiscal and contracts manager in Population Sciences, effective Feb. 1, 2012.

Awards, honors

Dr. Reena Gulati of HVTN just received her MPH degree in Epidemiology from the University of Washington.

The Delaney Cell and Genome Engineering Initiative, also known as defeatHIV, is a collaboratory of scientists from the public and private sectors working together with the common goal of HIV eradication. As Co-PI of the collaboratory, leader of Project 4 and head of the Administrative Core, VIDD Associate Member Dr. Keith Jerome is driving these eradication efforts on several fronts. VIDD Associate Member Dr. Stephen De Rosa and VIDD Assistant Member Dr. Martin Prlic lead activities of the Immunology Core, which focuses on the characterization of T-cell responses to HIV therapy and prevention strategies. Together with their other collaborators, these VIDD faculty members are using state-of-the-art cellular and genetic engineering approaches in hopes of ameliorating the devastation of the HIV pandemic. Visit for more information.