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VIDD highlights promotions, new hires, honors/awards and goings of its faculty and staff.


VIDD Member Dr. Anna Wald was the 2015 recipient of the American STD Association’s Distinguished Career Award (formerly called the Parran award) for lifetime achievement in STD research and related endeavors. She was presented the award in September at the ISSTDR meeting in Australia.


Dr. April Randhawa has begun her new staff scientist faculty position as the associate director of HVTN SDMC Laboratory Science and Dr. Antje Heit to associate in VIDD. In addition to her new role in START (see below), Dr. Ann Duerr also had a successful 5-year Member Review. Drs. Cindy Zhang and Greg Finak have been promoted to senior staff scientist.

Dr. Manoj Menon, previously associate in VIDD within the Global Oncology Program, has been appointed to the position of Global Hematologist/Oncologist at the rank of assistant member in VIDD, and assistant professor of Medicine at UW. His new appointment is effective January 1, 2016.

Dr. Jenny Lund has been promoted to associate member in VIDD, also effective January 1, 2016. At press time, her promotion to research associate professor in Global Health at UW is in process. Dr. Youyi Fong has been promoted to associate member in VIDD, effective January 1, 2016. He is also being promoted in his joint appointment in the Public Health Sciences Division of Fred Hutch.

Dr. Yifan Zhu has been hired as a staff scientist in BBE as of September 15, 2015. In addition, the following promotions will be effective January 1, 2016: Dr. Jennifer Balkus, senior staff scientist in BBE, and Dr. Sujatha Srinivasan, senior staff scientist in IDS.


The HVTN Lab’s Kevin Hawkins has been promoted to research tech II; HANC’s Russell Campbell to senior project manager; Seattle VTU’s Noel Williams to clinical assistant III. Lamar Fleming, who works in the McElrath lab, was promoted to project manager II. Also in the McElrath lab, Aaron Seese to research tech II and Ericka Sjogren to project manager II.

BBE announces several promotions. Linda Lew, grant and contract supervisor; Tobin Stelling, systems analyst programmer IV; Shannon Grant, statistics research associate IV; Kate Ostbye, systems analyst programmer IV; and Lili Peng, statistics research associate III.

VIDD recognizes the dedication and superb performance of its employees. Thank you for your contribution to the Division!


HVTN welcomes Jason Newell, a new part-time travel coordinator, MJ Aldred, SharePoint analyst, Laurie Rinn and Meg Brandon, our newest regulatory affairs associates, and Meg Trahey, protocol development manager.

BBE welcomes Jen Adams, administrative coordinator; Stephanie Shadbolt, associate director, CIDID; Jason Liang, postdoc; Elly Appelmans, project coordinator; and Carl Murie, systems analyst programmer. SCHARP has a few new faces: Aditya Nath, statistics analyst programmer; Erin Hughes, protocol/operations coordinator; Jimmy Fulp, statistical research associate; Hannah Leingang, data coordinator; Azzure Beale, grant and contracts specialist; Sagar Ankola, statistics analyst programmer; Jeremy Shaver, systems analyst programmer supervisor; Haixiao Huang, systems analyst programmer; and Abby Isaacs, statistical research associate.

In IDS, Dr. Emily Ford is a new ID fellow working with Larry Corey and Josh Schiffer welcomes two new faces to his lab team: a new postdoc started July, Dr. Daniel Reeves, and in August was ID fellow Dr. Elizabeth Reeves.

IVD and the McElrath Lab welcomes several new faces: Fernanda Calienes, research tech; Baxley Wolf, lab tech; Kelli Wilner, research tech of HVTN Lab; Karen McLellan, research tech ; Zinhle Mgaga, research tech of the CHIL Lab; Shamiska Rohith, research tech; Daniel Imhoff, research tech of HVTN Lab, Casey Thayer, research tech; Rachel Nelson, research tech; Rebecca Gomez, research tech; Taylor Fluharty, research tech. The CHIL Lab welcomes Rose Mapilo, admin assistant, Stephan Wilcox, research tech, Margaret Mazyambe, research tech, Peggy Seane, data coordinator, and Andreies Engelbrecht, senior QA associate. HVTN Lab Ops welcomes Amy Kapilow-Cohen, QA/QC associate.

Other new hires also include Dr. Blair DeBuysscher, postdoc (Taylor Lab); Dr. Laura Richert-Spuhler, postdoc (Lund Lab); Dr. Bryan Simons, postdoc (Frahm Lab); Dr. Brandon Gallaher, postdoc (Stamatatos Lab); Michael Ortego, research tech (Stamatatos Lab); Dr. Maria Pancera, affiliate investigator (Stamatatos Lab); Dr. Tara Bancroft, postdoc (Taylor/Stamatatos labs); Ann Konchan, nurse practitioner; Anna McCamy, research tech; Rob Kegel, research tech; Niall Morin, program assistant (Seattle VTU); and Dr. Amanda Woodward-Davis, postdoc (Prlic Lab).

Welcome to VIDD!


VIDD Member Dr. Keith Jerome was one of 113 elected to Fellowship in the Infectious Disease Society of America.

Dr. Pavitra Roychoudhury, a postdoc working with Josh Schiffer, received a SPAC Travel Award in May.

VIDD Senior Fellow Dr. Joshua Hill is the winner of the Caroline B. Hall Young Investigator Award from the HHV-6 Foundation.

Dr. Janet Englund, VIDD affiliate investigator, is the 2015 Distinguished Pediatric Infectious Disease Physician, awarded by Pediatric Infectious Disease Society.

Seattle Met Magazine named VIDD Assistant Member Dr. Steve Pergam “Top Doctors in 2015” in Seattle, and Debra Mattson “Top Physician Assistant.”



VIDD Member Dr. Ann Duerr will join the leadership group as Global Program Director of the Strategic Analysis, Research and Training Program (START) based in the Department of Global Health at the University of Washington. Dr. Joshua Hill was appointed affiliate member in the Cancer Consortium

IVD has also had one of our best summer’s ever for student interns with 15 successfully completing projects with us. Congratulations and thanks to them and their dedicated mentors.

VIDD Senior Staff Scientist Dr. Zoe Moodie organized a 2-day workshop on statistical issues in HIV vaccine trials for masters, doctorate, and post-doctorate South African investigators with backgrounds in statistics and/or HIV vaccine clinical trial design and development in Cape Town, South Africa. The workshop received very positive evaluations from participants.



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