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VIDD highlights promotions, new hires, honors/awards and goings of its faculty and staff.

VIDD Assistant Member Dr. Trevor Bedford is now a finalist for the prestigious Open Science Prize for the website built with Richard Neher of the Max Planck Institute. He’s already been chosen as a winning team and now Trevor is competing against five other teams from around the world to win the grand prize. The short-list of three final finalists will be determined by public voting at and then a panel of experts from the NIH and the Wellcome Trust will determine the final winner. This is very exciting for Trevor and we need the Fred Hutch community to get out and vote for his project “Real-Time Evolutionary Tracking for Pathogen Surveillance and Epidemiological Investigation”.

Trevor commented, “the goal of this project is to promote open sharing of viral genomic data and harness this data to make epidemiologically actionable inferences. The team will develop an integrated framework for real-time molecular epidemiology and evolutionary analysis of emerging epidemics, such as Ebola virus, MERS-CoV and Zika virus. The project will use an online visualization platform where the outputs of statistical analyses can be used by public health officials for epidemiological insights within days of samples being taken from patients.” 

It only takes a minute to vote at and support this great work!  



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