Global Oncology


A map showing the location for established partnerships between Fred Hutch and China.

Infrastructure for identifying and building Fred Hutch / Chinese collaborations

Fred Hutch has been collaborating with Chinese medical researchers for decades. The combination of the country’s large population, located in highly developed urban centers as well as lower-resource rural areas, and its growing investment in biomedical research provide unique opportunities to gain insight into a variety of health issues that affect millions of individuals in China and around the world.

Global Oncology China is an opportunity to make a worldwide impact.  We are sharing scientific data, statistical analysis methods, clinical research protocol development and operation, and cross training of our scientific staff.

Established Partnerships:

  • Chinese Centers of Disease Control and Prevention
  • Henan Cancer Hospital
  • Chinese Academy of Medical Science Peking Union Medical College
  • Tianjin Medical University
  • China EPA

A timeline showing how the Fred Hutch / China relationship has continued to grow.