Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division

Research Programs

Global Oncology

Our researchers are working to reduce the burden of cancers around the world through improved diagnosis, better prevention strategies and optimized treatment plans. To address these cancers we are focusing on the support of research, clinical care and training of cancer specialists, scientists and support staff in Uganda and other countries. The cornerstone of our research and clinical work in global oncology is our decade-long collaboration with the Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) in Kampala, Uganda.  

Infectious Disease Sciences

Our scientists apply laboratory, clinical and computational approaches to advance our knowledge and understanding of infectious diseases. The program concentrates on ways to detect, prevent and treat infectious diseases as well as mitigate serious complications in immunocompromised individuals that are at high risk for disease transmission and acquisition.

Immunology and Vaccine Development

Scientists here focus on immunopathogenesis and host genetics, vaccine immune monitoring and HIV vaccine and adjuvant design. Research in this discipline is focused on translating fundamental knowledge about the immune system and its regulation to the design of vaccine reagents and regimens that induce broader and more effective responses and to the development of novel therapies for cancer, HIV, tuberculosis, malaria and other related infectious diseases.

Biostatistics, Bioinformatics and Epidemiology

Using math modeling, epidemiology and statistics, scientists determine how infectious diseases are spread and contained. Our researchers are creating a platform for integrated research that allows biostatistics, bioinformatics and population modeling to be engaged throughout vaccine design, development, evaluation and implementation.