Faculty Affairs Office

Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division

Faculty Affairs / Appointments Committee

The Faculty Affairs Office (FAO) is charged with implementing the appointments and promotions policies recommended by the Appointments and Promotions Committee (APC) for the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division (VIDD).   

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Activities of the FAO

  • Schedules and tracks annual reviews of assistant members and midterm reviews of assistant and associate members by the APC; works with faculty members to prepare materials for these reviews and to follow-up on recommended actions for reviewed faculty members.
  • Prepares the review summaries and the recommendations for faculty votes related to junior faculty reviews.
  • Processes requests for advancement to candidacy for promotion.
  • Prepares and communicates all faculty votes.
  • Coordinates and records the outcome of member five-year reviews. 
  • Sets the agenda and conducts faculty meetings and faculty retreats in consultation with the Executive Committee.
  • Coordinates all aspects of faculty recruitment, including formal searches and obtaining approvals for offer letters.
  • Coordinates orientation of new faculty members.
  • Coordinates the appointment of staff scientists, staff physicians, affiliate investigators, associates in VIDD, and faculty with primary appointments in other divisions or institutions.
  • Works with the Executive Committee to develop and implement programs to assist in the professional development of VIDD faculty members.  
  • Works with faculty members to create website materials, presentation materials, and nominations for awards.

Appointments and Promotions Committee

The Appointments and Promotions Committee (APC) meets once a month and consists of eight voting members who are nominated by faculty at large and voted on by VIDD faculty at the June faculty meeting. Nominations are accepted by VIDD's Executive Committee and must satisfy the composition requirements to include six member track faculty and two staff scientist track members. Members serve three-year terms with a maximum of two consecutive terms. The APC is chaired by the head of the VIDD FAO.

The APC reviews and recommends changes to VIDD’s appointment and promotions policies and procedures, provides recommendations to the voting faculty for advancement to candidacy-for-promotion, reviews requests to change tracks or pathways, and reviews the qualifications of candidates seeking appointment as affiliate investigator, associate, or internal and external joint appointments.

The APC conducts face-to-face annual and midterm reviews with assistant members, and midterm and candidacy-for-promotion reviews with associate members. The committee reports to the faculty above rank on the progress of junior faculty and makes recommendations to these faculty for renewal of appointments of mid-rank assistant members and for advancement to candidacy-for-promotion at both assistant and associate member ranks.