Seattle Cancer Consortium Breast SPORE


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The two SPORE programs encourage and guide new research and developmental projects and provide career mentorship and entry of women and under-represented minorities into the field of breast cancer research.

Career Enhancement Program

Our career enhancment program supports junior-level scientist with a goal to develop them into independent translational breast cancer researchers and more senior-level researchers as they focus a substantial research effort toward translational breast cancer.  

Developmental Research Program

Since the SPORE was funded in September 2010, six requests for applications have been announced, resulting in 63 applications and over $1.1 million distributed for support of 26 developmental projects.  

The developmental research program has been very active and productive supporting early studies that have gone on to obtain additional funding. These projects include research on breast cancer etiology, mechanical relapse prevention strategies, metabolic diversity, immunotherapy, radiopharmaceuticals for imaging, gut microbiome, biomarkers of treatment, detection and resistance, and the effect of breast cancer on patient financial status. 

Funded Pilot Projects

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More than 20 pilot projects have been funded addressing breast cancer from the genetic level to identifying new treatment options.