Seattle Cancer Consortium Breast SPORE

Seattle Cancer Consortium Breast SPORE

About Us

On the Forefront of Breast Cancer Research

Fred Hutch and UW scientists participating in the Breast SPORE are on the forefront of research in immunotherapy, tumor microenvironment, cell cycle regulation and genetics that is poised to revolutionize the way we think about and treat patients with breast cancer.


Translational Focus

Highly translational projects are developed to most directly impact the field of breast cancer research, aiming to improve therapy, detection and prevention.


Project Support

The SPORE includes four supporting Cores: Leadership, Specimen Acquisition and Pathology, Clinical and Biostatistics to ensure a successful translational  program in breast cancer.


Guide New Research

Programs encourage and guide new research and developmental projects to provide career mentorship and entry of women and under-represented minorities into the field of breast cancer research.