Outreach Core

Partnership for the Advancement of Cancer Research Project

Outreach Core

Co-Principal Investigators

Beti Thompson, Ph.D. Full Member, Public Health Sciences - Fred Hutch
Rebecca Palacios, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Department of Public Health Sciences - NMSU

1. Aim 1: To develop and implement training for medical residents and health care providers from New Mexico that fosters culturally competent cancer prevention and screening health practices. This will be done in three ways. Memorial Medical Center (MMC), a hospital system in Las Cruces, supports medical residents throughout the southwestern NM region. Many of these residents seek an MPH or a Public Health Certificate at NMSU. In conjunction with Core E, the Integrated Training and Evaluation Core (ITREC), we will develop a three-credit Cancer Health Disparities course to be offered in the MPH and Certificate program. This will inform medical residents of the importance of health disparities in the region and provide views on how they can be addressed. Medical residents also have the opportunity to participate in a Research Methods class, which will facilitate their residency program's requirement to conduct a research project. A third strategy offers continuing medical education (CME) for health care providers in the area, focusing on barriers to accessing health care and health care delivery.

2. Aim 2: To expand existing academic-community partnerships between New Mexico State University and NM health agencies/organizations that will promote behaviors to reduce cancer risk and increase healthy lifestyles.  Community organizations that serve Native Americans or Hispanics will be invited to participate in an Academic-Community Partnership (ACP). In the first year, we will invite community organizations to partner with us. In the second year, using a three-year cycle, we will train community organizations in community research and assist them in developing a grant proposal designed to reduce cancer risk (e.g., early detection) or increase healthy lifestyles (e.g., obesity prevention or intervention) among community participants.

3. Aim 3: To conduct community health education in New Mexico counties with high concentrations of Hispanics and Native Americans using National Outreach Network (NON) Community Health Educators (CHEs) and the NMSU Cooperative Extension Service (CES).  Explicit education in health coverage under the Affordable Care Act, obesity and its relation to cancer, and colorectal cancer will be our first priority. All cancer educational materials disseminated and methods will be evidenced-based as described in The Community Guide. The community health education outreach efforts may also serve as field experiences and research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students at NMSU. 

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