Cancer Immunotherapy Trials Network

Welcome CITN Members

CITN Portal

Our SharePoint website. The CITN Portal opens the area of the website reserved for the review and editing of protocol documents in development by designated members of concept and protocol working groups.

Concept Working Groups

The Concept Working Groups develop concepts and protocols within the CITN. The members provide direction on:

  • Optimal trial design
  • Optimal combinations of immunotherapeutic modalities and agents
  • Statistical design
  • Correlative science design

Log in to the portal to view individual working groups.


The NCI’s Cancer Trial Support Unit (CTSU) provides regulatory, patient enrollment and data management support to the CITN, via their electronic data capture system, Oncology Patient Enrollment Network (OPEN) and regulatory support infrastructure, to move trials
from concept stage to enrolling patients as quickly as possible. Open registration with CTSU through the CTEP-IAM registration system, members can track the progress of protocols that are open and enrolling.

We welcome your comments and suggestions.