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Geographic Management of Cancer Health Disparities (GMap)

GMaP Region 5 Programs

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The Geographic Management of Cancer Health Disparities (GMaP) Program is focused on advancing cancer health disparities research and training through a comprehensive and systematic approach to the development of region-based networks.

Region 5 is committed to strengthening our regional network by supporting the next generation of cancer health disparities researchers.

Three current programs:

A mentorship program dedicated to early stage1 and new2 investigators who are applying for a NIH career development award has recently been established.  Region 5 is home to numerous seasoned cancer health disparities researchers who have a wealth of experience in writing and conducting grants.  Feedback from such experts can be invaluable to early stage and new investigators submitting a competitive grant application. 
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The Early Career Travel Scholarship Program is intended to support regional scholars and investigators in career development opportunities related to cancer health disparities research.  It is designed to assist with travel related expenses to health disparities conferences. 
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The Career Development Workshop is hosted by the GMaP Internal Coordinating Committee on an annual basis. The purpose of the workshop is to provide scholars and early stage investigators with an opportunity to receive one-on-one mentoring from senior investigators. Additionally, participants receive small group instruction on a number of relevant topics.