Community Health Educators

Geographic Management of Cancer Health Disparities (GMap)

Community Health Educators

Region 5 Community Health Educators (CHE) are funded via the National Cancer Institute's Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities'(CRCHD) National Outreach Network (NON) and Partnerships to Advance Cancer Health Equitcy (PACHE). 

National Outreach Network

The NON seeks to strengthen NCI's ability to develop and disseminate culturally appropriate, evidence-based cancer information that is tailored to the specific needs and expectations of underserved communities, working through NON CHEs located at NCI-designated Cancer Centers.

CHEs will work with NCI-Designated Cancer Center staff, the community, GMaP hub, and NCI program staff to conduct the following activities.

Local Education and Outreach

  • Identify gaps and barriers to the integration of community education and outreach within the cancer center and propose strategies to resolve them.
  • Identify specific ways that CHE-facilitated community education and outreach can enhance the research and outreach efforts of the cancer center grant.
  • Adapt and implement CHE-facilitated education and outreach strategies, aligned with the cancer center focus, and linked by NCI priorities and GMaP regional disparity issues.
  • Identify CHE-facilitated education and outreach resources and strategies for further testing, as appropriate.


  • Develop and maintain academic and community partnerships to enable access to and delivery of culturally appropriate, evidence-based cancer information and education to underserved communities locally and regionally.
  • Collaborate with academic, research, community, and regional NCI partners to develop, implement and assess disparities-focused education and outreach efforts linked to local, regional, and NCI research priorities.NCI/GMaP Priorities.

NCI/GMaP Priorities

  • Increase awareness and adoption of NCI recommendations on cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment through regional dissemination of information and education materials.
  • Advise and assist in message development and content for culturally appropriate study brochures, curricula, and educational materials.
  • Disseminate relevant NCI messages, materials, programs, and research opportunities.
  • Assist with education and outreach activities, aligned with NCI priorities and regional issues, and conduct in collaboration with NIH/NCI-supported research partners, and academic, regional and community partners, and other NCI programs in order to increase awareness, knowledge and positive behavior among underserved communities in prevention, early detection, and treatment of cancer; to enhance access to cancer care services; and to promote clinical trials and/or biospecimen research participation.

Partnerships to Advance Cancer Health Equity

The PACHE grant targets four areas: cancer research, cancer training, cancer outreach, and cancer education. The first three target areas are required, while cancer education is optional. Some PACHE partnerships that focus on cancer education fund NON community health educators (CHEs) to conduct outreach activities that target specific communities. 

Click here for a list of Region 5 NON and PACHE CHEs