George Sale

Member Emeritus
Clinical Research Division
Professor, Emeritus, Department of Pathology
University of Washington


Harvard University, 1963, AB
Stanford University, 1968, MD
University of Washington, 1971-1975, Pathology Residency

Research Focus:

Transplantation immunobiology with interest in stem cell, marrow, and solid organ transplantation Epithelial stem cells, especially in hair follicles, gut, and liver Graft vs Host Disease

Clinical Expertise:

  • Histopathology of hematopoietic and solid organ transplantation
  • Graft vs Host Disease Toxicity of radioisotopes Biology of metastasis

Current Studies:

  • Chronic Graft vs Host Disease in dogs
  • Chimerism and tolerance in solid organ transplantation Metastatic tumor biology

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Dr. Geroge Sale

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