Taran Gujral, PhD

Taran Gujral, PhD

Assistant Member
Human Biology Division
Affiliate Assistant Professor
University of Washington (Pharmacology)

Research Focus

  •  Non-canonical Wnt Signaling in Disease
  •  Signaling in the Tissue Microenvironment
  •  Targeting Kinases with Network Pharmacology

Current Studies

1. Noncanonical Wnt signaling pathway. Dr. Gujral’s lab explores how this pathway contributes to changes in cell state that contribute to fibrosis and cancer. In both diseases, this pathway triggers a switch to a proliferative, pro-inflammatory, and motile state. The lab seeks to define the molecular signaling events downstream of Wnt5-Fzd2 in this process in cell culture and in mouse models, using a combination of genetic and pharmacological approaches. 

2. Signaling in the Tissue Microenvironment. Investigating cellular interactions within the tissue microenvironment continues to be a technical challenge. Dr. Gujral’s lab has optimized procedures for maintaining organotypic tumor tissue preparations and is developing techniques to manipulate and monitor specific cells within the tumor microenvironment. With these tools, his lab explores how cancer cells interact with the surrounding cells and infiltrating immune cells.

3. Targeting Kinases with Network Pharmacology. The Gujral lab develops computational tools for evaluating the many potential clinical applications of kinase inhibitors. Kinases represent a core group of enzymes involved in most cellular responses to stimuli and represent an important target for existing therapeutics for cancer, inflammation, and other disease states. Application of these tools will yield insights into the basic biology of kinases as well as advance pharmacological exploitation of these key cellular regulators. 


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Taran Gujral, PhD

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