Understanding and Preventing Breast Cancer Disparities in Latinas

PUEDO Objectives

The long-term goal of Partnership to Understand and Eliminate Disparate Outcomes [PUEDO] is to:

  • Understand the antecedents of breast cancer in the Latina population;
  • Understand the types of breast cancer found in the Latina population; and
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive program of screening to increase the opportunities for early breast cancer detection among Latinas. [Please note that we use the terms Hispanic and Latino/a interchangeably as this is becoming customary in the literature.]

Our short-term objectives are to:

  • Increase breast cancer screening among age-eligible Latinas;
  • Understand the processes by which ancestry, BMI, inflammation, and breast cancer are related in Latinas;
  • Understand aspects of the etiology of poor prognosis breast cancers by identifying risk factors related to triple negative (TN) and HER-2-overexpressing (H2E) tumors, which are more commonly found in Latinas compared to non-Hispanic whites;
  • Understand the role of ancestry in breast cancer antecedents and incidence among Latinas; and
  • Explore expression of genes involved in tumor-related pathways signaling.