Translational Liver Cancer (TLC)

Comprehensive Center for the Advancement of Scientific Strategies (COMPASS)

Translational Liver Cancer (TLC)

PI: Ziding Feng PhD

Jackie Dahlgren
(206) 667-4170

The Translational Liver Cancer (TLC) Consortium is an NCI funded consortium founded to advance translational research focused on early detection of liver cancer. Under the direction of the Consortium Steering Committee, the DMCC will:

  1. perform network coordination and promote collaborations among scientific investigators by providing support for Consortium meetings, developing and maintaining Consortium secure websites and listservs, and producing and maintaining all Consortium documents;
  2. support Consortium collaborative studies by working with Consortium investigators on study design, protocol development, data forms, and study manuals; coordinating and monitoring studies; tracking specimen sharing, blinding, and randomization; and performing QA/QC and study evaluation;
  3. develop and maintain a Consortium integrated information management system that provides online, end-to- end data management solutions, including study communications, regulatory compliance, remote patient registration, clinical data capture, biospecimen sample management, imaging data repository, document management, and informatic tools; and
  4. use the phased biomarker development guidelines and PRoBE study design standards to help the Consortium develop a roadmap and strategies and ensure rigor and efficiency of the Consortium collaborative phase-2 and phase-3 studies using existing and newly collected specimens from heterogeneous cohorts.