Cancer Epidemiology Research Cooperative (CERC)


Reproductive Epidemiology and Contraceptive Hormones

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Principal Investigator: Christopher I Li, MD, PhD
Co-Investigators: Kathleen E Malone, PhD; Janet R Daling, PhD;
     Peggy L Porter, MD.
Study Manager: Kristine G Wicklund, PhD
Program Assistant: Christabel Fowler

Research Project Interviewers:
     Joia Hicks (206-667-7728)
     Jodi Thiel (206-667-4144)

Contact Information

     866-352-9525 Toll Free
     206-667-5948 Fax

     The REACH Study
     Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
     PO Box 19024 (M4-C308)
     Seattle WA  98109-1024

The risk factors for breast cancer in young women are incompletely understood.  The purpose of the REACH Study is to further our understanding of why some young women develop breast cancer and others do not.  Studies like the REACH Study compare information from people who have a particular disease to those who do not.  This type of research allows us to identify what specific characteristics of exposures may cause breast cancer.

Two groups of women who live in King, Pierce, or Snohomish Counties in Western Washington State are being asked to participate in the REACH Study:

  • Women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and

  • Women who do not have breast cancer and were selected randomly but scientifically from the general population.

Women who agree to participate in the REACH Study are interviewed at their home, office, or any other location that is convenient for them.  During the approximately 90-minute interview they are asked questions about their health and lifestyle including use of birth control, medical history, family history, and background information such as places they have lived, occupation, and education.  A blood sample is also requested but it is optional; women who prefer not to provide a blood sample can still participate in the REACH Study.