Cancer Surveillance System

Obtaining CSS Data for Research

CSS data are collected to provide a resource for research and public health activities into the patterns, causes, and outcomes of cancer. The steps involved in obtaining CSS data depend on the nature of information needed for a particular project.

  • If the project does not require confidential identifying information, CSS data can be obtained from one of two sources:
    1. Incidence, survival, and mortality data (case counts, rates, detailed de-identified individual case records) between 1974 and 2014 can be obtained from the SEER program in the form of limited-use files and on-line report generators.
    2. Incidence and mortality data (case counts, rates) between 1974 and 2015 can be obtained from Cancer Rates
  • If the project requires confidential identifying information, contact Tiffany Janes at (206) 667-7902 to discuss data needs. Confidential CSS data are only made available to qualified researchers whose projects have been reviewed and approved by the FHCRC's Institutional Review Board.

If you have questions about including CSS data in your research project, please contact Tiffany Janes.