CORE Family Studies

CORE Family Studies

Seattle Colon Cancer Family Registry Cohort

Welcome to CORE (Colorectal Research in Epidemiology) Studies!

Also known as the Seattle Colon Cancer Family Registry Cohort (CCFRC), we are a cancer registry and research project that has studied colon cancer in families since 1997. More than 2,300 people diagnosed with colorectal cancer have enrolled in our registry, as well as nearly 5,500 of their relatives. For comparison in analysis, the registry also includes people with no personal or family history of cancer.

We no longer recruit or enroll new study participants; however, we continue to follow-up with our current participants – an essential aspect of our research.

What We Do

Our interviewers conduct extensive initial interviews and follow-up interviews with participants. They also ask participants for permission to allow access to biological specimens and certain medical records.
Some individuals have continued their participation in the CORE Studies for well over a decade since their first interview. Most live in the Puget Sound region of Washington, but many live elsewhere in the United States, and some reside in other countries.

Why We Do What We Do

Our long-term goal is to investigate the ways in which genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors interact with, or contribute independently to, the incidence of colon and rectal cancers. The Seattle CCFRC also collaborates with other research institutions to offer long-range data for individual studies of colorectal cancer.