Cancer Prevention Program

Proteomics and the Health Effects in Postmenopausal Hormone Therapy

PI: Ross Prentice PhD

This is a discovery project that aims to identify changes in the plasma proteome that may help elucidate the major health effects of postmenopausal hormone therapy as observed in the Women's Health Initiative hormone therapy randomized controlled trials. For both estrogen-alone, and estrogen plus progestin, an on-going pilot project is examining proteomic changes between the time of randomization and one year later, within the WHI program. We will develop complementary analyses of proteins that are associated with the major disease outcomes of coronary heart disease, stroke, and breast cancer. We will apply a quantitative intact protein analysis system (IPAS) approach that allows in-depth analysis of proteins in their un-modified as well as modified forms resulting from alternative splicing, cleavage, and other types of post-translational modifications.