Nutrition Assessment Shared Resource (NASR)

Cancer Prevention Program

Nutrition Assessment Shared Resource (NASR)

There is compelling evidence that dietary patterns affect risk of several major cancers as well as other diseases. The Hutchinson Center is engaged in human nutrition research and dietary assessment is a key, shared methodology within this research. Thus, the Nutrition Assessment Shared Resource (NASR) was formed in July of 1993. The NASR makes it possible for investigators without nutrition training and expertise or without the time and funding, to incorporate state-of-the-art dietary data collection methods in their research protocols. In-house processing of dietary data allows for a high degree of standardization, rigorous quality assurance procedures, control of data management and maximum flexibility to expand the use of the Minnesota Nutrition Data System for Research (NDSR) food and nutrient databases. The NASR collects and analyzes 24-hour dietary recalls, multiple day food records both documented and undocumented, modified dietary intakes, and standard or customized food frequency questionnaires. The NASR also provides nutrition researchers the means to develop and implement new methods of dietary assessment suited specifically to each study's goals.


Dr. Marian Neuhouser

Marian Neuhouser, PhD, RD
Program Head, Cancer Prevention Program  

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Carolyn Ehret, NASR Director
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