Cancer Prevention Program

Colon Cancer Pathways: Hyperplastic Polyps & Adenomas

PI:  Polly A. Newcomb, PhD

Colon Cancer Pathways (Polly Newcomb, Principal Investigator) is a population-based case-control study designed to investigate the relationship between risk factors, epigenetic characteristics, and polyps in the colon cancer pathway.  Individuals with a new diagnosis of polyps (hyperplastic polyps n=700, adenomas n=700) identified by a centralized review of the pathology files of Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound will be recruited as will similarly aged individuals with normal screening colonoscopies (n=700).    This study will provide the largest study of risk factors for hyperplastic polyps, their genetic characterization, and comparisons to adenomas and normals.  In this study, neoplastic pathways will be classified on the basis of genetic instability, DNA methylation phenotype, and epidemiologic risk factors.