Seattle 5 a Day Worksite Program: Eat 5 for Life

Cancer Prevention Program

Seattle 5 a Day Worksite Program: Eat 5 for Life

PI: Shirley Beresford PhD

The Enhancing And Teaching [EAT] 5 for Life Project is funded by the National Cancer Institute and run by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. This study is a randomized trial to evaluate the effectiveness of an intervention to maintain change in companies that have already received an intervention to increase fruit and vegetable consumption (the Seattle 5 a Day Worksite Program).

The goal of the EAT 5 for Life Study is to continue the behavior of increased fruit and vegetable consumption for long term, without research office dependence. The intervention is designed to help worksites adopt 5 a Day activities as part of their standard operating procedures in order to reinforce and maintain dietary behavior change.

The randomized controlled trial involves a majority of the same worksites that participated in the Seattle 5 a Day Worksite Project. Seventeen of the original Seattle 5 a Day intervention worksites were randomized to maintenance intervention or control. Eleven of the original comparison worksites and eleven new worksites received the Seattle 5 a Day Intervention. Thirty-nine worksites were randomized to maintenance or control. Participating worksites are in King, Snohomish and Pierce counties. All companies are primarily manufacturing and service industries.

EAT 5 for Life maintenance intervention worksites reestablished Employee Advisory Boards (EAB). These groups of employees were trained to identify the needs of their worksite in order to implement 5 a Day activities best suited for their worksite. Hutchinson Center staff train EAB members and provide technical assistance to support the implementation of work-sponsored dietary activities.

The evaluation compares change at the worksite level in servings of fruits and vegetables, assessed using independent cross-sectional samples of employees at two time points: the new baseline and 24-month follow-up.

(Contact: Jessica MacIntyre)


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