Breast Health Global Initiative


BHGI-INCTR Library Catalogue for Breast Cancer Control

The BHGI-INCTR Library Catalogue provides a searchable literature database of articles relevant to breast health care and cancer control oriented to LMCs. The user-friendly interface allows members to create bibliographies and download key references.

Search the Library Catalogue | Tutorial on Navigating the Library Catalogue

Knowledge Summaries for Breast Cancer Control

View the KS Toolkit is designed to address foundational questions and answers in comprehensive breast cancer care across the life-course in limited resource settings.

Assessment Tools

BHGI and BCI2.5 are developing situation analysis tools to aid countries in assessing need and identifying bottlenecks in breast health care delivery. We are also developing models to estimate the impact of providing early diagnosis and treatment interventions in different resource settings. These models will assist in determining the most effective and appropriate interventions in specific settings given available resources.

Baseline Assessments/Situation Analyses. In collaboration with partner countries or centers of excellence, BCI2.5 is supporting baseline assessments and situation analysis utilizing the BCI2.5 self-assessment tools, Global Breast Health Analytics Map (GloBAM), stakeholder mapping, focus groups and other methods as appropriate.