Who is involved

Hutch Data Commonwealth

Partners. Process. Platform.

HDC steering committee members (left to right) Justin Guinney from Sage Bionetworks and Fred Hutch researchers Jonathan Bricker, Corey Casper, Pete Nelson and Eric Holland at HDC steering committee meeting.

Photo by Robert Hood / Fred Hutch News Service

Partnership is key — the Hutch Data Commonwealth (HDC) aims to create seamless connection between the scientific research process and an infrastructure for data generation and analytics.  More than a service organization or shared resource, HDC will be a scientific partner which will address data needs, generate ideas for projects and opportunities, and ultimately expand the scope of Hutch research.

HDC is led by Matthew Trunnell, Hutch’s Chief Information Officer who is responsible for research informatics and enterprise information technology at Fred Hutch. Dr. Ruth Etzioni, a long-time Hutch investigator and biostatistician whose work in statistical and computer modeling ranges from applications in genetics and biomarker development to population heath and public policy will chair the scientific steering committee.

The scientific steering committee is comprised of scientists from all divisions and connects HDC with center scientists to ensure that HDC evolves in a manner that optimally serves the mission of Fred Hutch. The steering committee will be supported by an external advisory committee that will assist HDC with developing local and national strategic partnerships.

The HDC is composed of four teams: faculty advisors, data science, data and software products and data operations to work with investigators seeking to conduct data-driven projects and will work collaboratively with center scientists to identify and source appropriate datasets, develop tools for accessing and visualizing data, and implement analytic approaches that are reproducible and responsive to scientific objectives. Visit our team site to learn more.