Hutchinson Institute for Cancer Outcomes Research


A Reporting Tool for Community Cancer Care

At HICOR, we believe that reporting outcome metrics is the first step in a process to improve cancer care. HICOR IQ is an oncology informatics platform that integrates cancer registry and health insurance claims data to enable performance reporting in oncology.

The analytics generated by HICOR IQ are derived from a common, integrated, multisource data platform. Shared data and standardized methodologies ensure that results are comparable across institutions, which supports collaboration and partnership across the region. 

HICOR IQ allows us to visualize how patients are treated in our system. The reports provide new insights that are not available elsewhere, and we use that information to improve quality in our clinics.” — John Rieke, MD, Medical Director, MultiCare Regional Cancer Center

HICOR looks to our partners in the cancer care community, as well as national quality reporting groups, to prioritize metrics for inclusion in HICOR IQ. Regional partners and national experts review our measurement algorithms to ensure that reports are clinically valid and meaningful.

Currently in a beta version, HICOR IQ contains enrollment and claims data from two large regional commercial insurers, as well as state employees, that are securely provided to HICOR. These claims are then linked to the Cancer Surveillance System and the Washington State Cancer Registry to incorporate clinical outcomes data. Future versions will include data from other health plans, healthcare systems and patients in an effort to more fully capture the patient experience and identify areas for targeted intervention. Partner-specific access will allow for customized data views and monitoring of payer/clinic-specific programs.

Users can select their metrics of interest and configure plots based on regional or clinic views, as well as breakdowns by various demographics and cancer characteristics (e.g., age, cancer site, stage, etc.). Through this dynamic tool, we hope to empower our partners with readily-accessible, meaningful reports.

For more information, visit hicorIQ.org or contact us at hicorIQ@fredhutch.org with questions.