International Histocompatibility Working Group


IHWG technician isolating mononuclear cells

Duke Alexander, research technician, is preparing tubes with density gradient medium for isolating mononuclear cells from peripheral blood and bone marrow.

Photo by Emil Madraimov / IHWG

Research Cell Bank   

The Research Cell Bank (RCB) in Shared Resources of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is a qualified, experienced research facility that has been actively engaged in clinical research through peripheral blood mononuclear cell isolation, EBV-immortalization of B cells, tissue culture maintenance, DNA extraction, and inventory control for more than 30 years.

During this time, the laboratory has supported Type I Diabetes Genetic Consortium as the North American DNA Repository, Fred Hutch hematopoetic stem cell transplantation program as a biorepository for patient, donor and family member samples, Brain Tumor Resource Laboratory as a repository of cell lines derived from pediatric brain tumors, and the HLA community at large as the 13th International Histocompatibility Working Group (IHWG).

Proceedings of the 13th International Histocompatibility Workshop and Conference, Volumes I and II
Editor: John A. Hansen, MD; ISBN: 0-945278-03-9.

Volume I: Approximately 1550 pages, includes Featured Reviews, Joint Reports from the IHWS Working Groups and a comprehensive update from the HLA Nomenclature Committee.

Volume II: Approximately 700 pages, contains brief reports (3-4 pages each) of papers presented at the International Histocompatibility Conference.

Limited copies are available for purchase through the IHWG Cell and Gene Bank. Purchase price: $285 per two-volume set (includes shipping). Please contact us for more information or place an order.


The dbMHC database (a cooperative effort of NCBI, NIH, and IHWG) provides an open, publicly accessible platform for DNA and clinical data related to the human Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC).