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About Clinical Biostatistics

Research Associate, Isaac Jenkins

Research Associate, Isaac Jenkins analyzing clinical data.

Photo by Bo Jungmater / Fred Hutch News Service

Faculty and staff in the Clinical Biostatistics group perform methodological and collaborative biostatistical research. The collaborative work takes place with investigators within the Clinical Research Division (CRD) at Fred Hutch as well as with other investigators within the Fred Hutch/ UW Cancer Consortium. We participate in studies from the beginning to the end, where we are actively involved with investigators in design and specification of endpoints and sample size and are responsible for high-quality analyses of data (from both clinical trials and observational studies); and finally, collaborating on the writing of manuscripts. We also actively participate with clinical investigators in developing hypotheses for, and designing studies in the context of writing grants that fund the research in which we participate.

Particular topics of clinical research include, but are not limited to, studies of treatment and biology of hematopoietic cell transplant, infectious disease in the immunocompromised host, solid tumor research, survivorship after cancer, therapeutic development including immunotherapies, and genetic/genomic research studies.  See a list of select publications for a sampling of the variety of projects that faculty and staff are involved in.