CCEH Apheresis Donor Program

Clinical Research Division

CCEH Apheresis Donor Program

Patient undergoing apheresis process.

The Co-Operative Center for Excellence in Hematology Core B Lab currently has an active protocol which allows one to participate as a Donor of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells to provide cells for laboratory research studies.

We are seeking normal healthy volunteers 18 to 70 years of age to provide Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMC) for research. After donation, participants will receive compensation for their time and inconvenience.

Please follow the steps below to become a potential donor with our program

1. Review the following documents prior to submitting your donor profile:

Relevant for donors of clinical product only:

2. Complete your donor profile, it will be stored in our research database indefinitely.
3. Wait to be contacted by a research coordinator.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the compensation?

Compensation is up to $300 for Non-Mobilized donation and up to $800 for Mobilized donation

What are the differences between a mobilized and non mobilized donation?

Please read the consent forms for an in depth answer to this question. A quick answer is that Mobilized donations entail a screening appointment, 4 growth factor injections, and two donation days while non-mobilized donations only entail a screening appointment and one donation day.

I don't live in the Seattle area, can I donate with the CCEH Donor Program at another location? What about traveling to Seattle to donate?

All donations with the CCEH Donor Program must take place in Seattle, Washington. If you were to travel to Seattle to donate we would not be able to provide room or board for your trip.

I filled out my donor profile awhile back and haven't been contacted, should I fill out a new one?

Once you have completed your profile it remains in our research database- there is no need to complete an additional new profile. Donations are scheduled as needed by the research labs which means there may be a long waiting period before you are contacted to donate.

I would like to donate/sell plasma, how do I do that?

We are not a plasma donation center and cannot help you with these inquiries.

What are the donor qualifications?

Please review the 985.03 Donor Screening form for an in-depth answer. Generally, you will not be allowed to donate if you have donated blood within the last 8 weeks, have symptoms of an infection including a "cold", have undergone leukapheresis within the past 3 weeks, are pregnant or are less than 18 or greater than 70 years of age.

More questions?

Please email us at or call (206) 667-5318 M-F 9am-4pm.