2017 IPCR Presentations

Institute for Prostate Cancer Research (IPCR)

2017 Presentations

On March 18, 2017, prostate cancer patients attended the 6th annual IPCR symposium to learn about new advancements in research from Fred Hutch, UW and SCCA experts. Attendees learned about  the impact of screening, exercise and diet on cancer prevention, new, non invasive procedures to identify disease and guide treatment. The event ended with a session focusing on clinical trials, and heard from patients themselves about their experiences participating in research.  

Introductions: The Basics

Facts and Figures-What are We Up Against? Pete Nelson

Prostate Cancer in 2017

Screening and Early Detection: Why the Controversy? Ruth Etzioni
Diet Interventions Marian Neuhouser
Exercise Interventions Jonathan Wright
Inherited Risk and Prostate Cancer Behavior Heather Cheng
Q & A

Non-Invasive Approaches for Diagnosing Prostate Cancer and Guiding Treatment

Prostate MRI for Diagnosis and Active Surveillance Dan Lin
PET Scans: Finding Local Recurrences and Oligometastatic Cancers Evan Yu
Urine Biomarkers Daniella Bianchi-Frias
Circulating Tumor Cells and DNA Mike Schweizer
Q & A

Treating Advanced Prostate Cancer

Demystifying the Clinical Trial: Risks and Benefits Bruce Montgomery
Patient Round-table of Clinical Trial Participants
Precision Oncology: How to Identify the Targets? Colin Pritchard
The Landscape of Current and Future Therapeutics Elahe Mostaghel
Q & A & Closing Remarks