CTI Biopharma International Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

Clinical Research Division

CTI International Fellowship

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is delighted to request applications for the 2017 CTI BioPharma International Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, which is an endowed visiting fellowship for physician scientists with an emphasis on hematologic malignancies. This announcement is being circulated to all potential sponsoring scientists including all heads of laboratories, research faculty, and other potential postdoctoral mentors at Fred Hutch. This International postdoctoral research fellowship honors the efforts and historic work of Fred Hutch’s Dr. E. Donnall Thomas (1920-2012), father of bone marrow transplantation and 1990 Nobel laureate in physiology or medicine.

This fellowship opportunity is intended to invite visiting physician-scientists to the Fred Hutch Clinical Research Division to advance translational science among institutions around the world and foster international collaboration in translational research in blood related cancers and immune-biology. Visiting physician-scientists will be appointed for one-year terms, which can be renewed. Preference will be given to foreign physician-scientists.

Fellowship Available:     One fellowship for one year, which can be renewed
Application Deadline:    Feb. 17, 2017

The fellowship may be used to cover salary and/or to supplement salary. Recipients may already be at Fred Hutch or may be recruited to the Hutch with funds from this fellowship. Recipients should demonstrate their high-impact accomplishments in translational research and the potential for an independent scientific career. The CTI BioPharma International Postdoctoral Research Fellowship is intended to foster international collaboration in translational research in blood-related cancers and immunobiology.

Application Submission

Applications must include the following information and documents.

  • Candidate’s curriculum vitae
  • Candidate’s statement of general research interests (maximum one page)
  • Sponsoring scientist’s curriculum vitae
  • Statement of research project for the next one-to-two years (maximum two pages)
  • Up to four publications
  • Two letters of recommendation (one from the sponsoring scientist) commenting on how the candidate’s research is novel, elegant, interdisciplinary and high impact, as well as the candidate’s potential for an independent career in science.

Selection Process

The CTI BioPharma International Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Awards Committee will make the selection. The Committee will be comprised of one outside reviewer agreed upon by Fred Hutch and CTI and two internal reviewers from Fred Hutch. Recommendations will be presented to the president and director of Fred Hutch who will make the final decision. Upon selection, the recipients will be notified and an announcement will be sent to all sponsoring scientists who submitted applications.