Be The Generation To End The AIDS Epidemic

Be The Generation To End The AIDS Epidemic

Gels, Rings and Things


Microbicides are products that are applied vaginally or rectally and may prevent the transmission of HIV by blocking the attachment of HIV to cells or by preventing the infection from spreading.

Pills, Shots and Implants

PrEP & TasP

PrEP is part of a comprehensive HIV prevention approach for HIV-negative individuals using anti-HIV drugs. TasP refers to the use of anti-HIV drugs by people with HIV to stay healthy and reduce the likelihood of HIV transmission to others.

Harnessing the Immune System


HIV vaccines could help to prevent a person from contracting HIV. Vaccines are key to long-term control of infectious diseases. 

Test Your Knowledge


The following quiz contains key questions and expanded explanations of the answers on microbicides, PrEP, TasP and vaccines. 

Sharing Their Stories

Community Profiles

Community members and researchers come together to share their stories and why they are helping to end the HIV epidemic.

In The News


Read the quarterly Be The Generation newsletter and other news from Fred Hutch about HIV prevention research, the latest studies and more.