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The Division hosts a network of informal meetings, clubs and seminars to encourage collaborations and foster the exchange of information and ideas. Our clubs are composed of scientists with common research interests. This collaborative approach to science naturally produces numerous publications jointly authored by members of different laboratories in the division.

Our Friday Evening seminar is a forum in which students, postdoctoral fellows, technicians and faculty present their work to the entire research community, followed by "beer chat".  A vigorous program of weekly seminars, presented by scientists from other institutions, makes sure that scientists keep in touch with the latest developments. In addition, the Basic Sciences faculty meets weekly to informally discuss their recent research.

Current Biology Seminars

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Our seminar series is open to scientists from Fred Hutch and outside organizations.

Basic Sciences Friday Night Seminars

photo of basic science meeting

2016-2017 Schedule

When: 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Pelton Auditorium

Meetings will resume in Fall 2017

June 2 Canceled

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Virus Group

viral cell image

2016-2017 Schedule

What: The purpose of the group is to share work in progress between retrovirus and related labs, and to give feedback on ongoing projects. Each postdoc and graduate student in the participating labs presents their work once a year.
When: 9:15 a.m.
Where: Room B1-072/074, unless otherwise noted.

Meetings will resume in Fall 2017

*M1-A305/A307: Behnke Combo
** B1-065: Pelton (Weintraub Building)


Date Name Lab  
    Last rev.: 6/30/2017

Contact: Michael Emerman (206) 667-6466

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Seattle Fly Club

graphic representing Seattle Fly club

2016-207 Schedule

What:  The regular gathering of all Seattle area researchers working on or interested in research related to the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. Each meeting consists of research reports from 2 or 3 different labs and some general scientific chat time.
Two Thursdays each quarter. Pizza and conversation begin at 5:45. Talks start at 6:00. Talks are 20 minutes long plus 5-10 minutes for questions.
UW Health Sciences building Foege S-110 or Fred Hutch campus B1-072/074.

Meetings will resume in Fall 2017

Date/Lab Location/Presenter Pizza Owner
Autumn 2017
Winter 2018
Spring 2018
Pizza and conversation begin at 5:45. Talks start at 6:15.
Talks are 20-minutes long plus 5-10 minutes for questions.

Autumn Quarter: Wed Sep 28 – Fri Dec 9 + Finals 10-16 (Sat-Fri)
Winter Quarter: Mon Jan 3 – Fri March 10 + Finals 11-17 (Sat-Fri)
Spring Quarter: Mon March 27- Fri June 2 + Finals 3-19 (Sat-Fri)

Contact: Celeste Berg  

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Seattle Mitosis

image of mitosis

2016-2017 Schedule

What: The Seattle area mitosis group consists of five labs (Asbury, Biggins, Davis, Paradez, and Wordeman), who are all interested in fundamental questions regarding the process of mitosis. There is a diverse array of organisms and approaches taken. All aspects of the structure, regulation and mechanics of mitosis are studied.
First Thursday of Every Month, (except Dec and summer)
           10 a.m. to 12 p.m.                                              
       **10:00 am to 11:30 am
Where: Alternates, see below for details.
*Lab presenting brings bagels or other food!







June 1



September 7

Davis lab

Hutch: B1-072/074

October 5

Asbury lab

UW: G417

November 2

Wordeman lab

Hutch: B1-072/074

December 7

Cabernard lab

UW: G417

    Last updated 5/2/2017

Contact: Sue Biggins (206) 667-5766

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Other Clubs/Groups

These clubs and groups maintain schedules off-site.  Click on the group website link to view the calendar.

chromatin club

Chromatin Club
A semi-weekly journal club with an emphasis on the increasing importance of chromatin research for understanding chromosomal processes, development and disease.
Contact: Steve Henikoff or Toshio Tsukiyama | Group Website

developmental biology group

Developmental Biology Group
The Group consists of the faculty members of the Center for Developmental Biology at the University of Washington, and the faculty members of the Developmental Biology Program at the FHCRC. The DBG was formed in 1999 to promote the discipline of Developmental Biology at both institutions. 
Contact: Cecilia Moens | Group Website | (206) 667-5697

graduate students meeting

Gaduate Student Meetings
This meeting is available to graduate students to discuss various topics on a monthly basis. The meeting is held at 4:30 p.m. in various locations.  See the calendar for more detail.
Subscribe here to the Google Calendar schedule for this group.

structural biology group

Structural Biology Group
The structural biology group at FHCRC consists of two laboratories focused on the use of macromolecular crystallography (Barry Stoddard and Roland Strong) to determine the three-dimensional structures of biological macromolecules. These laboratories are complemented by several additional laboratories: one that is focused on computational structure prediction and design (Phil Bradley), one that conducts solution-based protein mapping studies of large complexes involved in gene transcription (Steve Hahn) and a third that conducts drug target validation and drug screening studies (Julian Simon).  A significant focus of the structural biology group is the exploitation of structural information to engineer macromolecules for therapeutic applications, including gene correction, vaccine development, and drug discovery. 
Contact: Barry Stoddard | Group Website | (206) 667-4031

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