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Basic Sciences Alumni

We are proud to list a sample of the former graduate student and postdoc members of our labs, and their successes after they left our division in pursuit of their passions. Some of them went into academics and others into industry, and we are proud they have shared their early career history by training with us.

Where are they now?

Bai Lab Alumni

  • Seth Bensussen: Boston University; Biomedical Engineering PhD Graduate Student
    "I loved my time at the FHCRC and in the Bai lab. Everyone in the lab was so welcoming, and they also all provided me with valuable information about graduate school and conducting research. It was great to get to join a project and present a poster at the end of the summer. I am so thankful for the opportunity to work at the FHCRC."
  • Anbang Dai: Tsinghua University, Beijing, China; Graduate Student
    "I'm very excited to have spent one year at FHCRC. For an undergraduate student like me, I can't think of a better place to work with the world's top scientists and receive such wonderful training. I'm also very grateful for everyone in the Bai Lab. They made science fascinating which solidified my interest in becoming a scientist and pursuing a PhD.'
  • Margaret Locke: Duke University; Undergraduate Student
    "I am so grateful I had the opportunity to spend a year in the Bai Lab. It was absolutely incredible to be immersed in this cutting edge research environment with so many brilliant scientists and wonderful mentors. My time there has really inspired me to pursue scientific research, which I am making a reality at Duke."

Biggins Lab Alumni

  • Bungo Akiyoshi: University of Oxford, Department of Biochemistry; Group Leader
    "It was so fun to be a graduate student and enjoy science at the Basic Sciences Division at the Hutch. I learned a tremendous amount from my advisor, Sue Biggins."
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  • Andrea Castillo: Eastern Washington University, Biology Department: Assistant Professor
    "FHCRC is an incredible place to be a postdoc! Scientists at all levels are very enthusiastic—they talk about science, read about science and think about science. Very dynamic and interactive— loved it."
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  • Benjamin Pinsky: Stanford School of Medicine, Dept. of Pathology; Assistant Professor
    "My time as a graduate student in Sue's lab was the best experience of all of my medical and scientific training. Sue is a fantastic advisor and there is no better place than the Hutch to pursue graduate studies."
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Buck Lab Alumni

  • Rajesh Ranganathan: Senior Translational Research Advisor to NIH director Dr. Francis Collins

Eisenman Lab Alumni

  • Don Ayer: Univerisity of Utah, Huntsman Cancer Institute, Department of Oncological Sciences; Professor and Interim Chair
    "There is outstanding science in all of the divisions at the Hutch. Combined with the collegial and supportive training environment, scientific excellence makes the Hutch a great place do a postdoc."
  • Paul Knoepfler: UC Davis School of Medicine; Associate Professor
    "The time I spent at the Hutch was some of the most rewarding of my scientific career. I found Bob's lab specifically to be a hotbed of ideas and creativity. As a postdoc there I felt like the sky was the limit when it came to the level of science in that lab. The Hutch more generally was also incredible and really made me grow as a scientist as well as leading to lifelong connections and collaborations."
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  • Lenora Loo: University of Hawaii Cancer Center; Assistant Professor
    "Training at the Hutch was an amazing experience.  The enthusiasm and rigor make it an ideal environment for scientific excellence.  I feel so fortunate to have had great mentorship and wonderful colleagues."
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  • Grant McArthur: Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre; Associate Professor
    "Training at the Hutch was really the highlight of my career. A great vibe about our science in an atmosphere of excellence and genuine curiosity. It empowered me for the rest of my career."
  • Christophe Queva: Amgen, Hematology Oncology Research; Head of Research
    "The Hutch has been a wonderful training ground, a place for joyous learning, hard work, long lasting friendships and exhilarating science."
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  • Julie Secombe: Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Deptartment of Genetics; Assistant Professor
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Gottschling Lab Alumni

  • Scott J. Diede: Associate in Clinical Research, Fred Hutch / Acting Assistant Professor, University of Washington School of Medicine / Attending Physician, Seattle Children's Hospital
    "My experience as a graduate student at the Hutch was the most fun I have ever had as a scientist. I was surrounded by incredibly smart people doing important research, and I got to live in a wonderful city with great microbreweries. What more could a graduate student want?"
  • Richard Gardner: University of Washington, Department of Pharmacology; Associate Professor
    "The Hutch is an amazing place for scientific growth. If you come as a postdoc, as I did, it will be the best time of your life. The easy and ready interactions with faculty, postdocs, and students allowed for an incredible exchange of ideas. Looking back, I think of the Hutch as my home. A great place where I grew scientifically."
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  • Alon Kahana: University of Michingan; Helmut F. Stern Career Development Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Kellogg Eye Center
    "My experience at FHCRC was truly critical to my development as a clinician scientist. Dan Gottschling exemplified creativity in scientific inquiry - 'think hard and play above the rim', he used to say. And the intensely collaborative environment of FHCRC, the culture of 'thinking outside the box', and the wonderful and inquisitive colleagues that I met, all left an indelible imprint on my mind during my formative period as a scientist in training. My wife and I have very fond memories of our time in Seattle."
  • Michael McMurray: University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus; Assistant Professor
    "Leaving the Hutch was eye-opening and disappointing. I had just assumed that all world-class institutions shared the same culture of collegiality; I was wrong. I know now that science can be done at an extremely high level without sacrificing interest in your neighbor's research and a sincere desire to see them do well. The values instilled in me during my time at the Hutch will never be forgotten."
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  • Fred van Leeuwen: Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Staff member, Group Leader (PI), Associate Professor
    "I had a fantastic time. Great science, basic as well as translational, great atmosphere, great people."
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Groudine Lab Alumni

  • Marjorie Brand: Ottawa Hospital Research Institute; Principal Investigator
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  • Matthew Lorincz: University of British Columbia, Dept. of Medical Genetics; Associate Professor
    "Simply put, working as a postdoc in the Groudine lab, alongside talented colleagues and exceptional faculty members, provided me with a the skills and confidence to pursue my own research program. I look back on my time at the Hutch with fond memories."
  • Craig Thompson: Sloan-Kettering Institute; President and CEO
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  • Dirk Schübeler: Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research; Scientist
    "I had a great time at the Hutch. The science is excellent and the collegal atmosphere fosters interactions."
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Hahn Lab Alumni

  • David Auble: Univerisity of Virginia Health System, Dept. of Biochemistry & Mol Gen; Professor
  • Hung-Ta Chen: Academia Sinica, Taiwan, Institute of Molecular Biology; Assistant Professor
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  • Trent Colbert: Arcadia Biosciences; Principal Scientist
  • Eric Herbig: Immusoft Corporation; Chief Scientific Officer
  • Sally Lee: Orrick, Herrington, & Sutcliffe LLP; Intellectual Property Associate
  • Jeff Ranish: Institute for Systems Biology; Assistant Professor
  • Pranhitha Reddy: Amgen, Department of Protein and Process Development; Scientific Director

Henikoff Lab Alumni

  • Jennifer Cooper: University of Akron; College Lecturer
    "The FHCRC is a wonderful and unique place to learn and do research. So many enthusiastic people from diverse backgrounds working seemed like I learned something new every day. I am proud to be able to tell people I worked there, and that Steve was my post-doctoral mentor. It was a great experience!"
  • Yamini Dalal: National Cancer Institute; Investigator
  • Roger Deal: Emory University, Department of Biology; Assistant Professor
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  • Mary Gehring, MIT Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research; Assistant Professor
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  • Harmit Malik: Fred Hutch; Principal Investigator
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  • Linda Martin-Morris: University of Washington Biology Department; Principal Lecturer
    "My time in the Henikoff lab was so impactful, from colleagues met to lesson learned.  As I instruct undergraduates about the process of doing laboratory research, I can share with them the value of my Hutch-related lessons, especially collaborative- and writing- skills."
  • Erin McKittrick
  • Yoshiko Mito: Washington University School  of Medicine in St.Louis; Assistant Professor of Pathology and Immunology, Associate Director of Cytogenomics and Molecular Pathology.
  • Pauline Ng: Genome Institute of Singapore; Group Leader
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  • Shmuel Pietrokovski: Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel; Associate Professor
    "I spent a wonderful 4 years at the Henikoff lab, at the FHCRC and in Seattle. I matured scientifically from my interactions with Steve, Jorja, and the other lab members. Moreover, I learned many useful lessons on how a scientific group is run and how different members of the group interact with each other, and with other groups. Seattle was also a great place to live in, the city and its surrounding  offered many very nice places for my leisure time."
  • James Smothers: GlaxoSmithKline, Oncology R&D - Immuno-Oncology & Combinations Discovery Performance Unit; Senior Director & Head of Immuno-Biology
    "I look back fondly at my time spent during my post-doctoral appointment in the Henikoff lab where I had so many opportunities to execute high quality research in fruitful collaboration with so many generous and amazing people."
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  • Florian Steiner: University of Geneva, Assistant Professor
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  • Bas van Steensel: NKI Amsterdam; Group Leader
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  • Daniel Zilberman: University of CA, Berkeley, College of Natural Resources, Dept. of Plant & Microbial Biology; Associate Professor
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Malik Lab Alumni

  • Josh Bayes: UC Berkeley; Postdoc
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  • Nels Elde: University of Utah; Assistant Professor
    "On my first day at the Fred Hutch the great Meng-Chao Yao welcomed me to 'post-doc heaven.' He hit the nail on the head."
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  • Julie Kerns: Systems Biology; Science Writer
  • Sara Sawyer: UT Austin, Section of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology; Assistant Professor
    "As a postdoctoral research fellow, I found FHCRC to be a magical place packed full of postdocs with big ambitions. Although the atmosphere was collegial, we were all going for the gold, creating and atmosphere of energy and excitement."
  • Eric Smith: Illumina, Inc.; Bioinformatics Scientist
    "The Hutch is a world-class institution where I trained as a postdoc. I would encourage all young scientists to follow their passion for what is most interesting and exciting."

Moens Lab Alumni

  • Aaron Putzke: Hope College, Assistant Professor and Towsley Research Scholar.
    "My time as a postdoc at the Hutch was invaluable to both my training as a scientist and my career network. Being part of a high caliber research laboratory as well as participating in SPAC (Student/Postdoc Advisory Committee) was a great combination of intense scientific discovery and creating long-term friendships. It was an exciting time that I look back on fondly."
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  • Andrew Waskiewicz: University of Alberta, Department of Biological Sciences; Professor and Canada Research Chair of Developmental Genetics
    "My training as a Postdoc spanned from unpacking boxes in a brand new laboratory to participating in world-class research. I particularly remember the intellectual intensity of all trainees, and the constant drive to answer exciting questions. It was the perfect place for my training."
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Parkhurst Lab Alumni

  • Maria Teresa Abreu-Blanco: Leidos Biomedical Research; Scientist I
  • Kevin Barry: University of California, Berkeley; Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology; Graduate Student
  • Lani Keller: Quinnipiac University; Department of Biological Sciences; Assistant Professor
  • Raymond Liu: California Institute of Technology; Biology and Biological Engineering; Graduate Student
  • Craig Magie: Quinnipiac University; Department of Biological Sciences; Assistant Professor

Priess Lab Alumni

  • Craig Mello: RNA Therapeutics Institute, University of Massachusetts Medical School; HHMI Investigator
    "My Postdoctoral studies in the Priess lab, and at the FHCRC more broadly, were incredibly fun and important to my career.  Jim has keen insight as a scientist, as a McClintock biographer said about Barbara, Jim has a "feeling for the organism"  that informs his research.  Under Jim's guidance I became a geneticist, learning skills that continue to be instrumental every day in my own laboratory.  The mentoring from Jim and from other faculty at the Hutch, especially Hal Weintraub, prepared me well for my independence. The environment they created formed for me a view of what an ideal research environment should look like, a vision I have been trying to help create at my current institution Umass"

Roberts Lab Alumni

  • Arnaud Besson: Cancer Research Center of Toulouse (CRCT), INSERM (Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale), Toulouse, France; Principal Investigator
    "A great place to work at. Ideal for a postdoc."
  • Hilary Coller: Princeton University; Assistant Professor
    "The training that I received as a postdoctoral fellow in Jim Roberts' lab has been invaluable for my development as a scientist. Jim introduced me to areas of biology that I continue to consider fascinating. The resources, facilities and supportive environment at the Hutch made it possible for me to pursue research I hadn't conceived before beginning my postdoc. I'm very grateful to have had the opportunity to train at the Hutch."
  • Liyun Sang: Genentech, Oncology Department

Shou Lab Alumni

  • Adam Waite: Yale University; Postdoctoral Associate
    "The superb quality of training and open, friendly environment make the Hutch a truly unique institution.  Through my interactions with the diverse research community at the Hutch, I become a better scientist as well as a better communicator of scientific ideas."
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Smith Lab Alumni

  • Keith Cheng: Penn State Hershey Pathology; Director of Experimental Pathology and Distinguished Professor of Pathology
    "I spent my formative years in science as a "postdoc" grad student in the Smith lab.  As Gerry put it, it was most important to "Learn how to think about science." Between Gerry's meticulous mentorship, joyful hours at the chalkboard drawing out molecular scenarios, interesting seminars with interesting questions, and trainees in neighboring labs who were always ready to help, the Hutch was a magical, invigorating and inspiring place to have had the privilege to work."
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  • Gareth Cromie: Pacific Northwest Diabetes Research Institute; Senior Scientist
    "I loved my time as a postdoc at the Hutch. The atmosphere is collegial, the resources are top notch, you are surrounded by people doing excellent work and there is a real feeling of excitement about science. Working in the Smith lab was a non-stop learning experience. Gerry is a great mentor, supportive, but also pushing you to do the best work that you can."
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  • Linda C. DeVeaux: South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Applied Biological Sciences
  • Chad Ellermeier: Pathology Resident at Brown University (2011-2015), Hematopathology Fellow at University of Washington (2015-2016)
    "My four years in the Smith Lab were one of the highlights of my professional life to this point. Gerry was an outstanding mentor and created an environment that provided independence and responsibility. It was an exceptional experience and one I would recommend to any young scientist.
    In fact, it was so good that I will be doing my hematopathology fellowship across the street at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance during 2015-2016
  • Mary Fox: Iris Bio Consulting; Scientific Editor and Writer
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  • Kyle Fowler: Graduate Student at the University of California, San Francisco
    "My time at the Hutch was truly transformative. The collaborative research and training environment at the Hutch is like no other and has become my own standard. I spent an incredible six years in Gerry Smith’s lab where I learned how to work and think critically. My development as a scientist was significantly shaped by these experiences."
  • Lee Hartwell: Fred Hutch; Former President and Director, 
    Nobel Prize winner
  • Nancy Hollingsworth: SUNY Stony Brook, Dept. of Biochemistry and Cell Biology; Professor
    "I had a great time working at the Hutch. I will always be grateful to Gerry Smith for the experience I gained working with fission yeast and for introducing me to my future husband, Aaron Neiman!"
  • Aaron Neiman: SUNY Stony Brook; Professor
    "I, literally, grew up working in labs at the Hutch,  and I am forever indebted to Gerry for introducing me to the logic and beauty of genetic analysis."
  • Naina Phadnis: Department of Biology, University of Utah; Assistant Professor lecturer
    "I was in the Smith lab at the Hutch for almost five years and these years were instrumental in my development as a scientist. The Hutch environment made every resource available to me to do well in my career.  Gerry was an excellent mentor and I was surrounded by super-talented and helpful colleagues who gave me all the guidance and support I needed to succeed. I learnt a lot during my stay and look back fondly at my time in the Smith lab and at the Hutch."
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  • Walter Steiner: Niagara University; Associate Professor "Working at the Hutch was one of the best times of my life.  I learned a huge amount from Gerry, and the Smith lab members made it a really fun place to work.  Thanks guys.”
  • Philippe Szankasi: ARUP Laboratories, Salt Lake City Molecular oncology diagnostics development

Stoddard Lab Alumni

  • Karen Flick: Karen Flick Law Offices; Intellectual Property Lawyer
  • Eric Galburt: Washington University St. Louis; Assistant Professor
    "I was a graduate student with Barry Stoddard where I learned X-ray crystallography and, more importantly, how to do science. In addition, the environment of his lab and the Hutch in general  made for a spectacular place to work and learn." 
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  • Melissa Jurica: UC Santa Cruz; Associate Professor
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  • Clint Spiegel: Western Washington University; Associate Professor
    "As a graduate student in Basic Sciences at the FHCRC, I was routinely humbled by the brilliant scientists that I'd interact with on a daily basis and fortunate to be able to utilize the comprehensive shared resource facilities to efficiently conduct my scientific endeavors.  The culture and infrastructure of the Hutch is unparalleled in my scientific career, and I think back fondly to my days as a motivated, young scientist.  Today, I remain involved with the FHCRC as an active user of the Structural Biology Center at the FHCRC. The facilities I use and arrangements I've made that are presently necessary for my success as an independent scientist were the product of the collaborative culture of FHCRC investigators."
  • Django Sussman: Seattle Genetics; Director and Senior Scientist

Tsukiyama Lab Alumni

  • Eric Alcid: Medical student at the University of Washington
  • Tracy Au: Visiting Assistant Professor, Pacific Lutheran University
  • Naomi Bogenschutz: Program Manager at UW Professional & Continuing Education
  • Landell, Carolyn: Affiliated Teaching Faculty, Western Washington University
  • Thomas Fazzio: University of Massachusetts Medical School; Assistant Professor
    "The combination of outstanding science going on at the FHCRC and the collaborative atmosphere there is the best of any place I have been. Both the breadth and depth of my training experience as a graduate student at the Hutch were excellent."
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  • Marnie Gelbert: Director, Program Development and National Initiatives at Personal Genetics EducationProject, Harvard Med School
  • Ashwin Unnikrishnan: Post-doctoral fellow, U New South Wales, Australia
  • Jay Vary: University of Washington and Veterans Affairs-Seattle; Assistant Professor
    "Working in the Tsukiyama lab was a great environment of excitement and collaboration that was shared among the entire Basic Sciences Division. The division clearly promotes collegiality over competition which benefits everyone.  Beer hour helped too."
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  • Jack Vincent: Lecturer, U Washington-Tacoma
  • Kim Wachter-Lindstrom: Regulatory Affairs, Gilead Sciences
  • Iestyn Whitehouse: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; Assistant Member
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  • Adam Yadon: Post-doctoral fellow, Harvard Med School
In The News

Postdocs Pick: Center Among "Best Places to Work"

When it comes to the best U.S. institutions for a postdoctoral researcher to work, the Hutch consistently ranks in the top tier. This year, The Scientist’s ninth annual Best Places to Work Postdocs survey put the Center in the No. 9 spot among the top 15 U.S. research institutions. The survey results were released March 1, 2011.

This is a great accomplishment that only a few other institutions in the world can match, and it is a testament to the stellar research, support and facilities at the Hutch that help our postdocs succeed.

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