James Dai, Ph.D.


James Dai, Ph.D.

Public Health Sciences Division, Fred Hutch

Mail Stop: M2-B500

Dr. James Dai leads a team working in statistical genetics and genomics, the design and analysis of randomized clinical trials, statistical methods for high-dimensional feature selection and prediction, gene-treatment interaction, mediation, and instrumental variables regression. Methodologically, Dr. Dai is also interested in cancer genomics topics, for example integrative genomic analyses and intra-tumor heterogeneity. He and his team’s overarching scientific interest is to discover and validate genomic markers that drive cancer etiology and predict cancer prognosis and treatment efficacy. 

Other Appointments & Affiliations

Affiliate Associate Professor, Biostatistics
University of Washington


University of Washington, 2007, Ph.D. (Biostatistics)

University of Minnesota, 2002, M.S. (Biostatistics)

University of Pittsburgh, 2000, M.S. (Molecular Pathology)

Beijing University Medical Center, 1998, M.D. (Basic Medicine)

Research Interests

Genetic association

Gene-environment interaction

DNA methylation and mediation analysis

Cancer genetics and genomics

Current Projects

Statistics genetics and genomics for epidemiologic studies

Genetic and epigenetic variants and risk of prostate cancer development and progression

Gene-treatment interaction and mediation in cancer clinical trials

Genetic association leveraging molecular intermediates, e.g. gene expression

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