SEP School Year Workshop: Frontiers Intro to Cancer

Intro to Cancer: Leukemia & Hina's Story

Join us for SEP's School Year Workshop on our Intro to Cancer storyline unit which was designated a quality example of NGSS design in March 2023 by NextGenScience Peer Review Panel. This is a cancer unit, intended for high school biology classes, focused on cell growth, cell cycle, and mutations. Over ten lessons, students investigate the case of Hina Marsey, an eleven-year old girl, who is diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. As the unit unfolds, students develop conceptual models on cell growth, cancer, and treatments for leukemia. The unit builds toward a wet lab in which students conduct a gel electrophoresis lab to understand what it means to look for a "match" for transplantation.

Participants will receive $50 for their time after completion of the workshop.

Saturday, February 10, 2024
Start Time:
9 a.m. PST
Fred Hutch Cancer Center
High School Teachers