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Three for 2023: Collaborations That Inspire Us

Join us for an energetic and inspiring conversation, presented by Microsoft, about the power of collaboration to accelerate research and discover new cures. You’ll hear from three duos who challenge, motivate, and support each other in that pursuit.

  • A scientist and a clinician who are on a mission to shut down sleeping breast tumor cells before they can wake up and cause metastatic breast cancer.
  • A college student and her Fred Hutch mentor, whose research partnership is helping shape both the future of pediatric leukemia and the next generation of scientists.
  • A leader of an observational COVID-19 study and a volunteer participant who are helping to uncover how the immune system reacts to SARS-CoV-2 infection. 

The spirit of collaboration at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center begins with you and our generous community. Gifts of all sizes work together to inspire innovation and power our research.

Join us for the discussion this Giving Tuesday to hear more from our panelists and learn how you can be part of fueling the search for new treatments and cures for cancer and infectious disease. 

Thank you to our generous partner Microsoft.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Start Time:
10 a.m. PST
Speaker or Presenter:
Thomas J. Lynch Jr., MD, Julie Czartoski, ARNP, Cyrus Ghajar, PhD, Sara Javid, MD, Makia Manselle, and Rhonda Ries


Thomas J. Lynch Jr., MD

Thomas J. Lynch Jr., MD

Thomas J. Lynch Jr., MD is president and director of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center and holder of the Raisbeck Endowed Chair. A lung cancer doctor and distinguished health care leader, Tom led Yale Cancer Center and Massachusetts General Physicians Organization and served as chief scientific officer of Bristol-Myers Squibb prior to joining Fred Hutch in 2020. 

Cyrus Ghajar, PhD and Sara Javid, MD

Cyrus Ghajar, PhD, is a researcher who is solving the mystery of metastatic breast cancer. Sara Javid, MD, is a breast surgeon at UW Medicine and director of the Breast Health Clinic at Fred Hutch. Together, they are investigating how breast cancer spreads, who is likely to experience recurrence, and how to stop it. 

Julie Czartoski, ARNP

Julie Czartoski, ARNP, a nurse practitioner with the Fred Hutch-based Seattle Vaccine Trials Unit, started recruiting first responders and others at high risk of infection into the Seattle COVID Cohort Study in March 2020. With the help of hundreds of volunteers, she’s unraveling the mysteries of the virus that causes COVID-19, including why some people experience months of lingering symptoms. 

Rhonda Ries and Makia Manselle

Rhonda Ries, genomics research manager in the Meshinchi Lab, met Makia Manselle in 2019 through the Summer High School Internship Program. The project they started that summer is yielding exciting new treatments for children with leukemia, and Makia, now a junior at the University of Washington, continues to work part-time for the lab.