Grace Heffernan Arnold Guild

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Grace Heffernan Arnold Guild

Grace Heffernan Arnold Guild

Grace Heffernan Arnold Guild at the 2017 Gala

Guild Board Members

Katy Cox, President
Elizabeth Barndt, Event/Member Experience Chair
Lorna Davis, Communications Chair
Caitlin Foster, Volunteer Chair
Brittany Graves, Guild Chair
Cori Omundson, Board Advisor
Marcy Salo, Procurement Chair

Active Members

Amran Ahmed
Nanci Andvik
Becky Byrd
Andrew Cox
Emily Cox
Jessica Cox
Andrea Dobbs
Carrie Faulkner
Stephanie Forbis
Amy Forbis
Tiffanie Hawkins
Hong Hoang
Kim Howard
Constance Lanigan

42 Years of the Hutch Holiday Gala

Grace Heffernan Arnold was born in Port Townsend, Wash., and moved to Seattle in the early 1900s. After her marriage to Lawrence M. Arnold, she became a tireless philanthropist in the Seattle community. In 1955, Grace Heffernan Arnold along with Dr. William Hutchinson helped found the Pacific Northwest Research Foundation (PNRF), the first non-profit biomedical research organization in the Northwest and predecessor to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

When Dr. Hutchinson's brother, Fred Hutchinson, was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1963 and died one year later at the age of 45, Dr. Hutchinson was determined to create a center devoted to the study of cancer.

Through PNRF, the Arnold family helped Dr. Hutchinson launch Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in 1972. Unfortunately, Grace did not live to see their dream come to fruition. She herself died of cancer, as did one son, Lawrence H. Arnold.

After their deaths, her husband and other son, Robert M. Arnold, donated a library to Fred Hutch in their memory.

In 1975, the Grace Heffernan Arnold Guild was formed to honor her memory. Beginning in 1975 as a small dinner party, the Guild's efforts slowly evolved into what is today the Hutch Holiday Gala.

The Arnold Guild has helped raise more than $126 million over the past 42 years, providing vital support for Fred Hutch's mission to eliminate cancer and related diseases.

For more information about the Arnold Guild or Fred Hutch please contact:
or 206.667.5492