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Current Biology Seminar January 11, 2022


The Basic Sciences Division hosts a weekly Current Biology Seminar series where leading-edge researchers are invited from around the world to share their latest scientific breakthroughs. Lectures are typically every Tuesday and are held as virtual events.


Irene Miguel-Aliaga, Ph.D.


Irene Miguel-Aliaga, Ph.D.
Imperial College London
Professor of Genetics and Physiology
MRC Investigator, MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences

The Miguel-Aliaga lab is  interested in the plasticity of adult organs: how and why organs that we commonly regard as fully developed change in size or function in response to environmental or internal challenges. They use the intestine and its neurons to explore these questions because they allow us to explore organ plasticity from an integrated perspective: how an organ senses and integrates signals from both its internal milieu and the environment (e.g. nutrients, microbiota), how its adult progenitors respond by either maintaining or resizing the organ, and how different cell types within the organ (epithelial, muscle, neural) communicate to achieve coordinated, organ-level remodelling.


Seminar Title:
The sex and geometry of inter-organ communication

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Tuesday, January 11, 2022
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12 p.m. PST
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