Current Biology Seminar December 15, 2020


The Basic Sciences Division hosts a weekly Current Biology Seminar series where leading-edge researchers are invited from around the world to share their latest scientific breakthroughs. Lectures are typically every Tuesday and are held as virtual events.


Jonathan Cooper, Ph.D.


Jonathan Cooper, Ph.D.
Professor, Division of Basic Sciences, Fred Hutch

Dr. Cooper studies the networks of proteins that cells use to communicate with each other — networks that also play a critical role in the transformation of healthy cells into cancer cells. In particular, his team studies how some proteins undergo chemical changes that regulate how healthy and cancerous cells divide, become more specialized and migrate in the body.

Seminar Title

Local control of cytoskeletal dynamics by protein phosphorylation and turnover

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Tuesday, December 15, 2020
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12 p.m. PST
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