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Current Biology Seminar April 19, 2022


The Basic Sciences Division hosts a weekly Current Biology Seminar series where leading-edge researchers are invited from around the world to share their latest scientific breakthroughs. Lectures are typically every Tuesday and are held as virtual events.


Seung Kim, MD, PhD


Seung Kim, MD, PhD

Stanford University School of Medicine
Departments of Developmental Biology and Medicine (Oncology)
Director, Stanford Diabetes Research Center (SDRC)

The Kim Lab studies pancreas developmental biology in several models, including fruit flies, mice, pigs, cultured stem cell lines, and with primary human tissues. They have innovated methods for studying pancreas biology in these models, and discovered conserved cellular, molecular and genetic mechanisms governing islet cell growth, development and function. Based on their findings, they have active clinical collaborations to investigate translational potential of our work. One goal is to translate their studies into novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for common pancreatic disease states in humans, particularly diabetes mellitus and pancreatic cancer.

Seminar Title: “New paradigms for insulin biology and pancreatic islet replacement: implications for diabetes research”

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Tuesday, April 19, 2022
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12 p.m. PDT
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