Public Art & Community Dialogue Series

Queer Joy & Thriving: Envisioning future health for LGBTQIA+ communities

LGBTQIA+ people have had long, complex histories in the US healthcare system. From mismanagement of the AIDS epidemic to barriers to accessing care, from pathologizing identities to abusive "conversion therapy" practices, LGBTQIA+ people have experienced a wide range of problematic and harmful practices in seeking routine and necessary care. However, this is only part of the story - join us as LGBTQIA+ community members engage in dialogue around healing, in/visibility, and moving from surviving to thriving.

Moderated by Dr. Joe Ungco and introducing featured artist, Ari Campanella. Fred Hutch Panelists include:

  • Scott Brateng, Admin Manager, Nursing Admin
  • Russell Campbell, HANC Director, Vaccine and Infectious Disease
  • Anders McConachie, Site Operations Project Coordinator, HVTN and CoVPN
  • Aviva Ventura, Project Coordinator, Cellular Therapy
Monday, March 27, 2023
Start Time:
12 p.m. PDT


photograph of Saiyare Refaei

Ari Campanella (They/She)

Fred Hutch Public Art & Community Dialogue Artist

I am a queer, non-binary trans woman and mixed media artist based in the Duwamish land currently occupied by the city of Seattle. I draw great inspiration from the inherent complexities of the mundane and the events and materials that shape and color our everyday lives, and strive to use those observations as a means of keeping alive the hopes, dreams, fears, and passions of people in my community who have been forgotten, abandoned, abused, or otherwise have had their voices taken from them.

In the face of constant fear, hate, and threats of extermination, I hope to offer my art as a message to all in my community to know that you are heard, wanted, understood, and, most importantly, loved.

photograph of Saiyare Refaei

Dr. Joe Ungco (They/Them)

Panel Moderator

Joe Ungco (they/them), Associate Director, DEI Learning, Client Services & Data Analytics, builds and supports DEI Core’s strategic initiatives broadly with particular focus on educational initiatives.

Joe draws from their lived experiences as a queer person of color, clinical experiences as a geriatric occupational therapist, and diverse academic experiences to develop strategies and interventions that improve healing for communities most impacted by systems of oppression. They are passionate about queer health, social justice, equity, and intersectional, responsive, and inclusive care. 

Joe holds a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy as well as degrees in Linguistics and Philosophy from the University of Southern California. In their lived time, they enjoy cooking, travel, games, art, glassblowing, and training their cats.

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About the Public Art & Community Dialogue Program

Led by the Fred Hutch Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, the Public Art and Community Dialogue program provides an opportunity for employees and the broader community to be in dialogue about community solidarity and our pursuit of equity in research and healthcare. This program fosters ongoing dialogues with marginalized and oppressed communities that inform our commitment to inclusion, and how we represent that commitment in visual form.

Selected artists will develop public art expressions for Fred Hutch banners and flags that will be informed by community dialogues. These images will reflect the themes, emotions, expressions, history, culture, and aspirations of the affinity communities and the commitments of Fred Hutch to deepen our anti-racist and inclusive efforts in scientific excellence.