Visiting Faculty

Undergraduate Faculty Research Residency

About the Undergraduate Faculty Research Residency

Faculty from an institution with a diverse undergraduate population are invited to apply to conduct 10 weeks of summer research at the Fred Hutch in Seattle, Washington under the guidance of an investigator who shares similar research interests. The goals of the faculty research residency program are two-fold. First, this experience should increase the research capabilities of the visiting faculty member, with the goal of leading to external funding at his/her institution.  Secondly, this experience will enable visiting science educators to become familiar with the training programs (undergraduate and graduate) available at the FHCRC/University of Washington and thereby broaden the research opportunities available to their undergraduate students.

About the Fred Hutch

The Fred Hutch [FHCRC] is a world leader in research to understand, treat, and prevent cancer, HIV/AIDS, and other life-threatening diseases. Founding members of the center are credited with pioneering bone-marrow transplantation as a successful treatment for leukemia and other blood diseases. Today, the Hutch is an institution of world-renowned depth and variety and home of three Nobel laureates. Recognized as one of 40 comprehensive cancer research centers, the FHCRC employs more than 2,700 scientists and staff who conduct research aimed at eliminating cancer and other diseases as a cause of human suffering and death.  Learn more about the specific research interests of the faculty at the Hutch.

Compensation, travel and housing

The Hutch will provide a salary of $18,000 plus benefits for participation in the Undergraduate Faculty Research Residency (10 weeks over the summer of 2013, dates flexible).

The program will also pay partial travel costs to and from Seattle (up to $450). Residents are responsible for their housing and food expenses.  Program staff are happy to assist residents who need help to secure housing.

Eligibility requirements

  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident;
  • Have obtained a Ph.D.;
  • Currently employed as a faculty member at a four-year institution with a diverse undergraduate population; and
  • Demonstrated commitment to the education and mentorship of underrepresented students.

Submission instructions

To apply, please prepare a statement of interest that includes your research interests, specific faculty that you would like to interact with, and why you want to participate in this program. Please also describe how the experience will benefit your institution and its students. Describe your past and current interaction with undergraduate students at your institution. Please email the statement of interest and a curriculum vitae to: Dr. Katie Peichel at: Completed applications are due on January 11, 2013. Notification of acceptance will occur in early February.

Additional information

For more information about the program, contact Dr. Katie Peichel at: