Teaching Tools/Resources

List of resources for virtual teaching and argumentation and discourse strategies in the science classroom. 


Below are two lists of compiled resources for virtual teaching and argumentation and discourse in the science classroom. The compiled lists of resources are a Google document with external links to each resource. We have selected a few key resources from each list for teachers below the compiled lists that link directly to the resource for easier access. 

The lists were last updated in Spring 2021, for questions about the lists or to add resources to either list please contact sep@fredhutch.org. 

Compilation of Resources

Virtual Teaching Resources Compiled

This is a list of resources and online technologies that were compiled in September 2020 by the SEP team for teachers to use for remote instruction. 

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Argumentation Resources Compiled

This document is intended by use for SEP teachers and staff for lesson planning purposes. It provides a summary of main points and tools from a variety of resources related to argumentation, science talk, and discourse strategies for science classrooms. Links are provided to access the original resources (e.g., websites, books). This resource is organized in two ways: you may search this document by the name of the resource, or by what you need or are looking for to support your classroom practice.

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Highlighted Resources for Argumentation and Discourse Strategies in the Science Classroom

These resources are select resources from the list of Argumentation Resources above that we think are particularly useful for teachers looking for strategies in the science classroom. 

Accountable Talk Sourcebook

The Accountable Talk® Sourcebook is an extensive introduction to the purposes of Accountable Talk and the classroom practices that promote Accountable Talk discussions at all grade levels. Accountable Talk has been shown to result in robust academic achievement for students of all economic, social, and linguistic backgrounds.

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Talk Science Primer - TERC

Talk Science Primer by Sarah Michaels and Cathy O'Connor from TERC. 

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Argumentation Tool Kit

The Argumentation Toolkit is a collection of resources designed to help teachers understand and teach scientific argumentation (Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley/Boston College).

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Student Talk Flowchart and Protocols

These resources are designed to help educators foster student talk in the science classroom. This document is best used with STEM Teaching Tool #35 found at stemteachingtools.org/ brief/35. This resource contains the Idea Coaching protocol.

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Ambitious Science Teaching

The Ambitious Science Teaching Framework provides 4 Core sets of teaching practices. It is based on research that investigates the following question: “What kinds of talk, tasks, and tools do students need in order to fully engage in meaningful forms of science learning?”

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Science Discourse Primer - Ambitious Science Teaching

Science discourse primer document from The Ambitious Science Teaching Framework. 

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STEM Teaching Tools Argumentation Playlist

This short course is designed to help educators think about how the practice of argumentation relates to the practice of explanation, research- and practice-based strategies that can foster rich forms of student argumentation, and how argumentation opportunities can be implemented in more equitable ways (Institute for Science and Math Education, UW).

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Situating argumentation in student science activity

Manz argues that argumentation needs to be situated in real scientific questions and practices and makes suggestions for how to make argumentation an authentic science activity for students (Contact SEP if you're interested in the original article).

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Highlighted Virtual Teaching Resources

These resources are select resources from the list of Virtual Teaching Resources above that we think are particularly useful for the science classroom. 

Remote Instruction Tools & Resources Specific to Biotech Teachers

This is a list of remote instruction tools and resources for teaching biotechnology remotely or virtually that was compiled by the SEP team in Fall 2020. 

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Webinars, Websites, and Other Resources for Remote Instruction

This is a list of webinars, websites, and other resources for remote instruction that was compiled by the SEP Team in Septmeber 2020. 

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Strategies for Online PD and Remote Learning

Science Professional Learning Standards (SPLS) and strategies for online professional development and professional learning. And a list of technology tools to support learning . 

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