Exploration Program for Industry Careers (EPIC)

Student/Postdoc Advisory Committee

Exploration Program for Industry Careers (EPIC)


Postdoctoral fellows and graduate students often have little exposure to career paths outside of academia. SPAC and the Office of Career Development address this issue by offering events to educate about potential PhD career paths, including biotech industry careers.

The Exploration Program for Industry Careers (EPIC) takes this one step further for those curious about careers in Industry. In addition to career workshops and events at Fred Hutch, EPIC features site visits to biotech companies in the area, providing an in-depth look at industry careers. The program also gives participants networking opportunities, which can help in setting up collaborations and in current and future job searches.

Based on successful programs in Massachusetts and California (See Nature Biotechnology 28, 625-6; 2010, Nature 478, 277; 2011, Nature 480, 576; 2011), the goals of EPIC are to allow participants to make informed choices about future career options, and provide them with the tools they will need to be successful as they enter the job market. Programs like EPIC have many benefits to both postdoc/student participants and companies, including:


Benefits for Student/Postdocs:

Insight into corporate culture

Networking experience

Career guidance

Potential opportunities for collaborations

Exposure to a variety of career paths within industry

Benefits for Companies

Attract top area scientists to your company

Identify opportunities for collaborations

Meet future colleagues

Establish relationships with local academic labs


A core component of the EPIC Program is to visit local biotech companies.  Since EPIC's pilot year in 2012-2013, we have increased the number of site visits each year. Here's what a site visit looks like.

Site Visit Sample Agenda:

1:00-1:45   Welcome and Overview of Company, Tour

1:45-4:00 Career Presentations - 20 minute Q&A sessions with employees in different roles

4:00-5:00 Networking Mixer - max 1 to 3 ratio of employees to students/postdocs (most visits last year were closer to 1:2 or even 1:1)


The EPIC application period is closed for 2018. All current Fred Hutch graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and medical fellows are eligible to apply for this program. 

Please note that you will need to carefully construct your biosketch in the application, as this is what the biotech companies will see prior to your visit.  You will have a chance to edit it later. 

Please direct questions about the program or application process to Karen Peterson at kpeterso@fredhutch.org.

Fred Hutch Postdocs/students: More information on how to apply for this program will be posted to the Fred Hutch postdoc/student listserv. If you are not on that mailing list and are a Fred Hutch postdoc or graduate student please contact Karen Peterson at kpeterso@fhcrc.org.

Companies: If you are a company interested in being part of EPIC, please contact Karen Peterson at kpeterso@fredhutch.org