Physical Sciences Oncology Center T32 Training Grant

Postdoctoral Fellows

Physical Sciences - Oncology Center T32 Training Grant

Description of Training Program

The Physical Sciences-Oncology Center (PS-OC) T32 Training Grant's mission is to create a trans-disciplinary training program, converging the physical sciences with cancer biology and fostering a new research field. This position will be housed at Fred Hutch in Eric Holland's lab and will work with experts at Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, to be positioned at the interface between cancer biology and computational biology.

The work proposed in this PS-OC Training Program will produce researchers that are trained in both computational and cancer biology to address questions in cancer research with novel, interdisciplinary techniques. Trainees will be embedded into an already existing, highly interconnected physical science oncology network to help answer several key questions in oncology. By establishing a physical science oncology training program, we will drive forward the interdisciplinary study of cancer and establish mathematical modeling of cancer as an independent discipline.

Program Details

During the first year of the two-year program, trainees will participate in coursework, seminars, and training. During the second year, they can choose from one of three projects:

  • Mathematical framework of tumor development
  • The cell-of-origin of human cancer
  • Novel tools to predict and prevent resistance to targeted drugs and radiation therapy

Trainees will present their work at a seminar in the spring of their second year.


You may have a background in applied or pure mathematics, statistics, bioinformatics or computational biology with an interest in cancer biology OR a background in cancer biology with an interest in computational biology.

How to Apply

The application process will open by August 15, 2013. Please check back soon.