Writing K99-R00 proposals

Office of Scientific Career Development

Writing K Award Proposals

Writing a K Award proposal takes a lot of time and organization.  This K Award proposal writing training strand is designed to help you write a better proposal and get advice from scientists who have been awarded Ks and faculty who have sat on K Award study sections. You will also have the opportunity to evaluate multiple proposals in a mock study section and have access to successful proposals (if you participate in the mock study section).

This is NOT a sit-in-a-classroom-for-8-hours-and-try-to-absorb-everything approach.  This training consists of the following components:

  1. The basics of writing a proposal, learned on your own via videos and online reading.
  2. Advice from expert panels where you can ask questions
  3. A mock study section so you can learn by critiquing proposals
  4. Examples of successful proposals for those who participate in the mock study section (password protected)

Much of this training is self-directed learning, with in-person components added to deepen your learning and understanding.

The Basics of K proposal writing, with an emphasis on K99s and K22s

  1. Success Rate for K Proposals by Institute (scroll down to "Career Development Awards")
  2. K Award Information by Institute
  3. Overviews
    1. K99 Overview
    2. K22 Overview
  4. Call for Applications
    1. Read the K99 Call for Applications
    2. Read the K22 Call for Applications
  5. FAQs
    1. Read the NIH K99 FAQ
    2. K22 FAQs are specific for each Institute. Do a search for "K22 FAQ" for the institute you will apply to
  6. Watch the NIH Intramural Training Videocast on Writing K Awards (note: SKIP the first 40 minutes)
  7. Blogs/Forums/Slide sets with K award Advice
    1. Read blogs and a forum that offer advice on writing K99 proposals
      1. http://k99advice.blogspot.com/2011/03/general-advice.html has great ideas and questions to make you think about what to include
      2. http://www.jordandward.com/k99-grant-writing.html Good overview
    2. Read advice on K22 proosals
      1. There are not as many resources for K22 proposals as there are for K99s. Do a search on "K22 advice" to find various slides sets with advice

General Proposal Writing Advice 

Read/watch general information about NIH grants and tips for applicants

  1. NIH Grants General Information Blog
  2. NIH General Proposal Writing Advice
  3. NIH Tips for Applicants

Panels every Fall to get advice from experts, including:   

  1. Postdocs who have successfully received a K award
  2. Faculty who have served on K Award Study Sections

Mock Study Section

Participating in a mock study section will help you understand what an excellent proposal looks like.  You will need to register to participate in this part of the training.  Look for registration details on the postdoc-student listserv in the Winter. There are several components:

  1. Watch "NIH Grant Process: The Big Picture" 
  2. Watch "NIH Peer Review Revealed"
  3. Read the proposals that are sent to you
  4. Participate in a several-hour long mock study section to evaluate and rank the proposals

Those who participate in the mock study section will have access to password protected examples of successful proposals