Career Counseling for Scientists

Office of Scientific Career Development

Career Counseling for Scientists

Do you know the next step in your career, or are you still trying to figure it out? Some know exactly what they want to do, while others know more about what they don't want to do. Regardless of whether you know or don't know what you want to do with your career, it may be useful to talk with the Director of the Office of Scientific Career Development about your choices and options. She can help you work through what you want to do next, connect you with people who have successfully made a transition into the type of position you want, review your application packet (CV/resume and cover letter), and help you think about how to best negotiate a job offer.

Karen is the author of the Nature Guide to Life Science Careers and has been offering career counseling and information to postdoctoral fellows and graduate students for over 10 years. In addition, she started as a postdoc at the Hutch and made a career transition away from the lab bench and into science education and administration.

Please email Dr. Karen Peterson if you are a current or former Hutch scientist and you'd like to set up an appointment to talk with her about your career.

Karen is only available to counsel current and former Hutch scientistsThere are no exceptions.

Do not contact her if you are not a current or former Hutch scientist.

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