Past Trainees

Interdisciplinary Training

Past Trainees

Predoctoral Trainees

Trainee Years Topic of Research Project  Mentors
Asbjornsdottir, Kristjana  09/2012-08/2014 Infant HIV-specific immune responses
and their effect on ART treatment response
John-Stewart, Grace
DeRosa, Stephen
Barrow, Bethany 07/2007-06/2008 Characterization of Preclinical Ovarian
Carcinoma of BRCA1 and BRCA2 Mutation Carriers
Swisher, Elizabeth
Porter, Peggy
Baas, Tracey 01/1999-12/1999 The Design, Systhesis, and Screening of GSH-porphyrin-GSH Bifuctiona Inhibitor Atkins, William
Sasaki, Tomikazu
Beer, Karlyn  09/2008-08/2009 Phenotypic and genomic stability in a halophilic model organism Lampe, Johanna
Baliga, Nitin
Bell, Sidney 09/2015-09/2016 Reconstructing and identifying determinants of primate lentivirus cross-species transmission events Bedford, Trevor
Emerman, Michael
Cabbage, Sarah 09/2000-08/2001 Diabetes mellitus and Alzheimer's diesease in the ACT cohort Goverman, Joan
Jackson, Lisa
Carpentier, Kathryn 09/2012-09/2014 Evolution of PKR antagonism in primate cytomegalovirsuses Geballe, Adam
Malik, Harmit
Chevalier, Brett 01/1999-12/2001 Engineering Homing Endonucleases as Gene-Specific Reagents for Cancer Therapy Monnat, Ray
Stoddard, Barry
Cortez, Valerie 09/2009-09/2010 The effect of HIV-1 superinfection on the
neutralizing antibody response in female sex workers in Mombasa, Kenya
McClelland, R. Scott
Overbaugh, Julie
Crump, Casey4 06/1998-08/1999 The Glutathione S-transferase Theta 1 Gene Deletion And Risk Of Acute Myelocytic Leukemia Weiss, Noel
Appelbaum, Fred
Chen, Chu
Dingens, Adam 09/2014-09/2015 HIV-1 Neutralizing Antibodies Pre- and
Post- Superinfection: Informing Vaccine Design
Overbaugh, Julie
Bloom, Jesse
Dunn, Clarence 04/1999-03/2001 Genetic Risk Factors for Endometrial Cancer Weiss, Noel
Chen, Chu
Ferreccio, Amy 03/2015-02/2017 Generation of novel, high affinity Tie2
antagonists through protein design to block aggressive cancer cell resistance to radiation and chemotherapy
Ruohola-Baker, Hannele
Baker, David
Goo, Leslie1 09/2011-08/2012 The Role of Neutralizing Antibodies in HIV-1 Transmission and Pathogenesis Overbaugh, Julie
Richardson, Barbra
Goode, Ellen7 10/1998-08/2000 Epidemiology of Hereditary Prostate Cancer: Genetic Analysis of Susceptibility Loci Incorporating Clinical Characteristics Ostrander, Elaine
Stanford, Janet
Grunblatt, Eli 12/2016-07/2018 Interrogating KDM5C as a Tumor Suppressor in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma

MacPherson, David
Paddison, Patrick

Guenthoer, Jamie 06/2005-06/2008 Assessment of palindromes as platforms for DNA amplification in breast cancer Porter, Peggy
Tapscott, Stephen
Herbig, Eric 11/2004-11/2006 Mechanisms of transcriptional regulation by Gcn4 Stoddard, Barry
Hahn, Steven
Hoellerbauer, Pia2 12/2014-11/2017 Noncoding RNA function, networks and targeting in glioblastomas Paddison, Patrick
Holland, Eric
Holt, Sarah K 06/2004-05/2006 Ovarian Cancer Risk Associated with
Polymorphisms Involved in the Synthesis of Estrogen Intermediates
Ulrich, Cornelia
Chen, Chu
Hubert, Christopher 11/2009-10/2012 Identification of genes specifically
essential for Glioblastoma Stem Cell growth and survival
Olson, James
Paddison, Patrick
Jardine, Joseph 11/2009-08/2011 Germine targeted immunogens Schief, William
Strong, Roland
Kovarik, Dina 09/2002-09/2003 The Emergence and Persistence
of Antiretroviral Resistant HIV-1 Variants
Critchlow, Cathy
Lancaster, Sam1 09/2010-09/2011 Human gut microbial community differences in relation to diet: Effects on metabolizing phenotypes Lampe, Johanna
Matsen, Erick
Larimore, Elizabeth 08/2008-07/2009 Dimerization of Fbw7 Clurman, Bruce
Zheng, Ning
Lauper, Julia 09/2010-08/2012 The Role of the WRN Helicase in DNA
Metabolism and Tumorigenesis
Vaughan, Thomas
Monnat, Ray
Lehman, Dara4 09/2004-08/2006 The Emergence and Persistance of Antiretroviral Resistant HIV-1 Variants Overbaugh, Julie
Richardson, Barbra
Lester, Elizabeth 06/2004-05/2007 Structural Genomics of Helicobactor
pylori Essential Genes
Salama, Nina
Stoddard, Barry
Lim, Efrem1 11/2009-06/2011 Evolution and antagonism of Viperin Emerman, Michael
Malik, Harmit
London, Nitobe2 12/2010-08/2013 Mechanisms of spindle checkpoint
Biggins, Sue
Ranish, Jeffrey
Malfavon-Borja, Raymond 09/2011-09/2012 Evolution of CyclophilinA retrogeneses
as novel antiviral factors
Malik, Harmit
Emerman, Michael
Mecham, Brigham 09/2006-09/2008 Supervised Normalization of Microarrays Nelson, Peter
Gentleman, Robert
Meiering, Christopher5 09/1998-11/2000 Persistent Foamy Virus Infection Greenberg, Philip
Linial, Maxine
Metzger, Michael4 09/2005-08/2006 Targeted gene therapy using nicks to induce homologous recombination Miller, Dusty
Miller, Aaron 12/2014-11/2015 Multiplexed mutation rate analysis for
prediction of Lynch syndrome risk
Dunham, Maitreya
Newcomb, Polly
Mintzer, Esther 09/2010-09/2012 Design and evolution of homing
endonucleases targeting essential HIV genes
Jerome, Keith
Baker, David
Mirus, Justin2 09/2008-10/2010 Identifying biomarkers of pancreas cancer: from mice to humans and back again Lampe, Paul
Hingorani, Sunil
Mitchell, Breeana 09/2000-08/2001
Development and Implementation of an
Antibody Array for Colon Cancer Screening
Ulrich, Cornelia
Lampe, Paul
Roth, Mark
Yasui, Yutaka
Mitchell, Patrick 09/2013-09/2014 Evolution of antiviral specificity and function of the primate Mx GTPases Malik, Harmit
Emerman, Michael
Munson, Paul 09/2012-09/2013 Immunogenicity and efficacy of therapeutic SIV vaccines in nonhuman primates Fuller, Deborah
Mullins, James
Nealy, Eric 12/2016-09/2017 A Novel Treatment for Pediatric Brain Tumors Olson, James
DeForest, Cole
O’Hear, Carol 04/2002-09/2004 Antibody Buffering: A Novel Mechanism for Drug Delivery Foote, Jeff
Slattery, John
Orton, Molly4 09/2004-09/2005 Host vs. Virus: Genetic Conflict Between Evolving Antiviral Host Genes and their Antagonistic Viral Counterpoints Emerman, Michael
Malik, Harmit
Paulson, Kelly 07/2008-07/2009 Immune responses to the virus-linked Merkel-cell carcinoma; implications for pathogenesis, prognosis, and therapy Nghiem, Paul
Galloway, Denise
Peterson, Sabrina 12/2000-12/2002 Phytochemicals & CYP1A2: implications in AFB metabolism Lampe, Johanna
Eaton, David
Piening, Brian1,3 03/2008-09/2009 The role of genetic modifiers in DNA repair and breast cancer Paulovich, Amanda
Wang, Pei
Poulton, Emma-Jane 12/2006-11/2008 Sulforaphane is a novel antagonist of the human PXR Eaton, David
Shen, Daniel
Reed, Jonathan 09/2005-09/2006 Understanding how HIV-1 Gag assembles via a pathway of intermediates containing the cellular ATPase ABCE1 and RNA granuale proteins Hawes, Stephen
Robien, Kimberly  10/2001-09/2003 Folate Status and Risk of Relapse Following Hematopoietic Cell Transplant for Chromic Myelogenous Leukemia Ulrich, Cornelia
Radich, Jerald
Salter, Alexander1 12/2016-11/2018 Dissecting chimeric antigen receptor signaling in human T cells

Riddell, Stan
Paulovich, Amanda

Smith, Erin 09/2001-09/2002 Redundancy, a complex model of multifactorial disease and its implications for case-control studies Ostrander, Elaine
Potter, John
Sychev, Zoi 09/2012-08/2014 Changes in glucose and glutamine utilization during KSHV invection Lagunoff, Michael
Wolf-Yadlin, Alejandro
Sycuro, Laura  09/2004-09/2005 Persistence of Specific HPV strains and variants in women over a 10 year period Salama, Nina
Turnham, Rigney 12/2014-11/2016 Characterization of a chimeric transcript of PKA and DNAJB1 in FL-HCC Scott, John
Yeung, Ray
Ulge, Umut Y. 06/2006-05/2008 Computational Protein Design of Homing Endonuclease Proteins Monnat, Ray
Baker, David
Ulrich, Angela 12/2012-12/2014 The impact of concurrent sexual partnerships on propagating the HIV epidemic among men who have sex with men in Lima, Peru Duerr, Ann
Goodreau, Steven
Vigdorovich, Vladimir 04/2001-03/2004 Characterization of the Receptor-Binding Site of JSRV Envelope Glycoprotein Miller, Dusty
Strong, Roland
White, Tom 09/2008-09/2010 Genetic polymorphisms and risk of prostate cancer development and progression Stanford, Janet
Nelson, Peter
Yong, Melissa1,3 10/2006-09/2008 UGT Polymorphisms and Hormonally-mediated Biomarkers in Premenopausal Women Lampe, Johanna
Leisenring, Wendy
Zhang, Zheng8 06/2000-12/2000 Statistical analysis of DNA microarray data Zarbl, Helmut
Zhao, Lue Ping

Postdoctoral Trainees

Trainee Years Topic of Research Project  Mentors
Albershardt, Ting-Lan  09/2011-10/2012 The Role of B Cells in Tumor- Induced Lymph Node Lymphangiogene sis and Lymphatic Metastasis Ruddell, Alanna
Iritani, Brian
Bahrami, Bahram 06/2005-05/2007 Design of a drug delivery device for prioritization of cancer therapeutics Olson, James
Stayton, Patrick
Shaw, Dennis
Bailey, Megan 12/2015-08/2017 Capturing Tubulin’s Conformational Wave Asbury, Charles
Biggins, Sue
Barnes, Penelope3 09/2005-02/2007 Role of Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Regulator in A. fumigatus Epithelial Cell Interactions Marr, Kieren
Clark, Joan
Bender Ignacio, Rachel 12/2014-11/2016 Unmet demand for HIV treatment and survival after concurrent versus sequential initiation of antiretrovirals with cancerdirected therapy at the Uganda Cancer Institute Casper, Corey
Duerr, Ann
Campregher, Paulo1 09/2008-08/2009 Diversity of Regulatory T Cells in Chronic GVHD after Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplant Warren, Edus
Robins, Harlan
Cao, Yi6 07/2003-08/2004 Statistical Analysis of Patterned Gene Expression Tapscott, Steven
Kooperberg, Charles
Carey, Charles 09/2004-09/2005 Correspondence between Genotype, Phenotype, and Gene Expression Rutherford, Susanne
Kooperberg, Charles
Chao, Dennis 10/2004-09/2006 Computer Modelling in Barrett’s Esophagus Reid, Brian
Luebeck, Georg
Chen, Ru 09/2002-08/2003 Identification of Pancreatic Cancer Biomarkers Using Proteomics Brentnall, Teri
Aebersold, Ruedi
Chen, Yu3 10/2006-01/2008 Genome-wide DNA Copy Number Abnormalities and Prognosis of Patients with Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Chen, Chu
Wang, Pei
Chi, Yong5 03/2003-05/2006 Identification of Human CDK2 Substrates in Cell Lysates Aebersold, Ruedi
Clurman, Bruce
Chmelar, Renee 10/2007-09/2010 Prostate Cancer Stem Cells Rohrschneider, Larry
Greenberg, Norm
Conerly, Melissa 01/2011-12/2011 Epithelial-to- Mesenchymal Transitions: Twist and Snail as Modulators of Global Chromatin Structure in Normal Development and Disease Tapscott, Stephen
Groudine, Mark
Cook Sangar, Michelle2 09/2013-11/2015 Development of a novel peptide: drug conjugate for the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer Olson, James
Strong, Roland
Davis, Michael 05/2012-04/2013 Cdk8 complexes in telomere maintenance and cancer Grady, William
Bedalov, Antonio
Etienne, Lucie1 09/2012-12/2012 The origin of the precursor of HIV-1, SIVcpz Emerman, Michael
Matsen, Frederick
Fagerlie, Sara 09/2005-03/2008 Generation of Fanconi Anemia Group B Canine Embryonic Stem Cells Torok-Storb, Beverly
Paulovich, Amanda
Frangou, Costas 06/2005-05/2008 Deciphering the Epigenetic Code: Molecular Profiling of Histone Post-translational Modifications Using FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry Groudine, Mark
Hanash, Sam
Furman, Itay3,6 10/2002-09/2004 Sequence-based Linkage Analysis Kruglyak, Leonid
Ostrander, Elaine
Ganti, Sheila 07/2013-06/2015 Lymph node alterations in melanoma Ruddell, Alanna
Iritani, Brian
Garg, Kavita 08/2007-08/2010 Computational analysis of microRNA regulation in ovarian cancer Tewari, Muneesh
Ruzzo, Walter
Guerrero, Abraham2 04/2009-01/2011 CMV-specific immunity after cord blood stransplantation and studies on the persistence of T cell memory Boeckh, Michael
Riddell, Stan
Gupta, Amitabha 07/2013-03/2015 Elucidating the multiple functions of CLASP in kinetochore biorientation Biggins, Sue
Asbury, Charles
Hallahan, Andrew6 07/2001-06/2003 Retinoid-Induced Neuronal Differentiation and Apoptosis of Medulloblastoma Olson, James
Tapscott, Steven
Zhao, Lue Ping
Hwang, Harry 03/1999-02/2002 Cell cycle analysis in multi-step tumorigenesis Clurman, Bruce
Porter, Peggy
Jordan-Williams, Kimberly 12/2014-06/2015 mCLCA1 regulation of lymph node lymphangiogenesis Ruddell, Alanna
Farr, Andrew
Karyadi (Friedrichsen), Danielle2 09/2001-10/2001
Cloning Genes for Susceptibility to Breast and Prostate Cancer Ostrander, Elaine
Stanford, Janet
Kimmel, Robert 03/1999-02/2002 Repression by CTCF in the Context of Chromatin and its Role in myc Dysregulation and Thyriod Carcinoma  Neiman, Paul
Davis, Scott
Kohlmaier, Alexander1 09/2007-04/2008 Control of the Cell Cycle by Mechanical Force Edgar, Bruce
Folch, Albert
Kuehl, Gwndolyn 06/2004-04/2005 Effects of UGT1A6 and CYP2C9 Polymorphisms in the Metabolism of Aspirin Lampe, Johanna
Shen, Daniel
Lamharzi, Najib 04/2000-03/2001 Sex hormoes, genetic polymorphism and prostate cancer Chen, Chu
Weiss, Noel Scott
Lindsay, Ken1 01/2016-11/2016 Metabolic targeting of glioblastoma therapeutics Hockenbery, David
Paddison, Patrick
Lovelace, Erica 07/2008-03/2009 Exploring the Interactions between Neutralizing Antibodies and HIV-1 Sensitive and Resistant Envelopes Overbaugh, Julie
Strong, Roland
Manion, Michael2 06/2000-05/2003 Functional analyses of small molecule Bcl-xl inhibitor Hockenbery, David
Ruzicka, Jaromir
Zhang, Kam
Margineantu, Daciana3,4 02/2006-10/2007 Defining the Cytoplasmic Degradation Pathway for Mitochondrial Proteins Hockenbery, David
Gottschling, Daniel
Matreyek, Kenneth 12/2014-11/2015 Comprehensive Interpretation of Tumor Suppressor Variation in Cancer Fowler, Douglas
Shirts, Brian
Mendoza, Ramon 10/2010-09/2011 Detection and Rescue of Replicating XMRV virus in Cohort of Prostate Cancer Patients Miller, Dusty
Stanford, Janet
Morris, Shelli1 09/2011-08/2012 A Forward Genetic Screen to Identify Functionally Important Colon Cancer Oncogenes and Tumor Suppressor Genes Grady, William
McIntosh, Martin
Nandakumar, Vivek1 09/2014-04/2015 Dissecting the impact of three-dimensional nuclear architecture in hypermethylated colon cancers Grady, William
Groudine, Mark
Nieh, Yeu-Perng4 02/1998-01/1999 Statistical Methods For Protein Structure Prediction Zhang, Kam
Zhao, Lue Ping
Norris, Rachael  05/2011-04/2013 Lactation associated effects on cell junction proteins and basal cell markers in breast cancer Lampe, Paul
Li, Christopher
Peters, Anne-Mette 03/1999-02/2001 Analysis of Prostate Cancer Susceptibility Genes Ostrander, Elaine
Stanford, Janet
Poudel, Kumud (Raj) 01/2016-12/2016 Investigating molecular interactions in cancer cell metastisis Bai, Jihong
Eisenman, Bob
Pramila, Tata4 03/2000-01/2001 Transcriptional Signaling on a Genomic Scale Breeden, Linda
Zhao, Lue Ping
Rajapakse, Indika 10/2006-06/2009 Gene-gene interactions: Methods and Applications for Transplant Research Kooperberg, Charles
Hansen, John
Rajaram, Kamya1 08/2016-11/2016 A cutaneous oncogenic HRAS dependent mouse model to study progression of field cancerization Beronja, Slobodan
Ghajar, Cyrus
Richards, Hannah 12/2016-11/2017 Exploiting Cdk2- driven replication stress to repurpose cancer chemotherapy Clurman, Bruce
Gadi, Vijayakrishna
Ronen, Keshet1 09/2013-08/2014 Consequences of HIV-1 Superinfection: Disease Progression and Neutralizing Antibody Response Overbaugh, Julie
Richardson, Barbra
Rosenbaum, Joel 10/2012-09/2014 HSPB1 and HSPB5 as Targets for Treating Chemoresistance in Cancers Klevit, Rachel
Hockenbery, David
Rytlewski, Julie1 09/2014-08/2015 Understanding vascular niche modulation of squamous cell carcinoma to uncover new anti-tumor targets Beronja, Slobodan
Mendez, Eduardo
Schiffer, Joshua 03/2008-03/2009 Use of Bioinformatics to Develop New Concepts in Viral Pathogenesis: A Mathematical Model of Herpes Simplex Virus-2 Pathogenesis Abu-Raddad, Laith
Corey, Lawrence
Schlador, Michael2 08/2001-02/2004 The Role of Natural Genetic Variation in Odorant Recognition Task, Barbara
Storm, Daniel
Schwartz, Pamela 06/2004-05/2007 BCL-XL Function Hockenbery, David
Sweet, Ian
Shiio, Yuzuru1 08/2002-07/2003 Quantitative Proteomic Analysis of Myc Oncoprotein Function Eisenman, Robert
Aebersold, Ruedi
Siahpush, Seyed 04/2003-07/2004 Insulin-like Growth Factors and Esophageal Adenocarcinoma Vaughan, Thomas
Chen, Chu
Reid, Brian
Sippel, Trisha 01/2018-12/2018 Targeting tumor-specific macrophages in metastatic melanoma

Rongvaux, Anthony
Gottardo, Raphael

Spratt, Karen 03/2001-02/2003 Analysis of Ras Induced Pathways During Lung Tumor Progression In Vivo Kemp, Christopher
Cooper, Jon
Stewart, Mikaela 12/2014-07/2017 Aiming BRCA1 to Find the Targets Klevit, Rachel
King, Mary-Clair
Stirewalt, Derek 04/1999-06/1999 Molecular Pathogenesis of AML Radich, Jerry
Clurman, Bruce
Sussman, Django 04/2001-12/2002 Development of enzyme deregulators as antiproliferative agents Simon, Julian
Stoddard, Barry
Talarico, Sarah 07/2010-08/2011 Molecular and Epidemiologic Methods for Study of Helicobacter pylori Transmission Salama, Nina
Lampe, Johanna
Tanaka, Hisashi1,8 04/1999-06/2002 Chromosome Breakage and Large DNA Palindrome Formation in Mammalian Cells Yao, Meng-Chao
Tapscott, Steven
Vojtech, Lucia2 02/2013-08/2015 Effect of exosomes and exosomal miRNA in semen on mucosal immunity to HIV Hladik, Florian
Tewari, Muneesh
Walter, Ronald3 01/2004-12/2004 Internalization of Anti-CD33 Antibodies Bernstein, Irwin
Cooper, Jonathan
Wang, Li-Jie1 09/2015-11/2016 Chromatin remodeling and translation control dynamics in bladder epithelium Hsieh, Andrew
Henikoff, Steven
Weber, Nicholas 06/2012-05/2013 Development and Characterization of DNA-targeting enzymes against HBV Jerome, Keith
Stoddard, Barry
Winkler, David8 03/1998-01/1999 The Role of Ras Activated Signal Transduction In Environmental And Genetic Carcinogenesis Cooper, Jonathan
Kemp, Chris
Yager, Jessica 10/2011-08/2012 Measuring the impact of mobile phone short message service on Kaposi sarcoma outcomes in Uganda Casper, Corey
Thompson, Beti
Yang, Zhihong (Jane)3 09/2005-08/2006 Constructing MyoD Interactome Networks Tapscott, Steven
Gentleman, Robert
Yao, Zizhen 07/2010-12/2011 Molecular mechanisms for inactivation of Myo-D-mediated muscle differentiation in rhabdomyosarcomas Tapscott, Stephen
Bradley, Phillip

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Funding sources if not solely appointed to T32:  1Center, 2Center and T32, 3Amgen, 4Hearst, 5Hearst and T32, 6Immunex, 7Immunex and T32, 8Killworth