Interdisciplinary Training


I am interested in the program and want to apply. When are you accepting applications?

  • We update the website, post flyers, and send announcements across institutions several weeks prior to the deadline. This usually takes place annually in late summer.
Do I need to submit an application to both funding sources for consideration? Do I need to identify one funding source?
  • No, only one application is required for consideration for both funding sources. Program leadership will evaluate positions available and applicant eligibility when reviewing applications.

I am a foreign national with a student visa. What funding source would I be eligible to receive?

  • The Fred Hutch-funded positions in the program do not have citizenship requirements; however, applicants must be based at Fred Hutch.

What is the time commitment of the program?

  • Trainees must dedicate at least 40 hours per week (full-time effort) to the training program.
  • Trainees are generally appointed to the program for at least 12-months, with opportunities to re-apply for further funding.

I am looking for support for a few months in between fellowships. Can I apply?

  • The program does not support short-term training.

I am not able to start an appointment on December 1. Can I still apply?

  • Please consult with the program's administrator regarding your specific situation before applying.

Can I receive a fellowship while supported by the program?

  • Generally, no. Please consult with the program's administrator regarding your specific situation.

With whom should I consult regarding stipend tax applicability and obligations?

  • Please contact your local IRS office.

Does my application packet need to be routed internally at my institution? Does it require any kind of institutional signoff?

  • No. The application is for participation in the program, and funding is not awarded directly to applicants (i.e. you will not be PI on the award).

Please visit the Centernet page for Fred Hutch's Office of Sponsored Research for additional frequently asked questions regarding graduate student and postdoc-sponsored research costs (requires login).