2016 Fellows

Interdisciplinary Training

2016 Fellows


Eli Grunblatt
Mentors: Dr. David MacPherson (Human Biology) and Dr. Patrick Paddison (Human Biology)
Proposal Title: "Interrogating KDM5C as a Tumor Suppressor in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma"

Eric Nealy
Mentors: Dr. James Olson (Clinical Research) and Dr. Cole DeForest (Chemical Engineering, UW)
Proposal Title: "A Novel Treatment for Pediatric Brain Tumors"

Pia Hoellerbauer
Mentors: Dr. Patrick Paddison (Human Biology) and Dr. Eric Holland (Human Biology)
Proposal Title: "Noncoding RNA function, networks and targeting in glioblastomas"

Nayanga Thirimanne
Mentors: Dr. Bruce Clurman (Clinical Research) and Dr. Steven Henikoff (Basic Sciences)
Proposal Title: "Global transcriptional control and tumor suppression by the Fbw7 ubiquitin ligase"

Alex Salter
Mentors: Dr. Stan Riddell (Clinical Research) and Dr. Amanda Paulovich (Human Biology)
Proposal Title: "Dissecting chimeric antigen receptor signaling in human T cells"



Megan Bailey
Mentors: Dr. Charles Asbury (Physiology & Biophysics, UW) and Dr. Sue Biggins (Basic Sciences)
Proposal Title: "Capturing Tubulin’s Conformational Wave"

Mikaela Stewart
Mentors: Dr. Rachel Klevit (Biochemistry, UW) and Dr. Mary-Clair King (Medicine, UW)
Proposal Title: "Aiming BRCA1 to find the targets"

Michelle Messmer
Mentors: Dr. Andrew Oberst (Immunology, UW) and Dr. Michael Gerner (Immunology, UW)
Proposal Title: "Visualizing the immune response to cell death in normal tissue and in cancer"

Hannah Richards
Mentors: Dr. Bruce Clurman (Clinical Research) and Dr. Vijayakrishna Gadi (SCCA, Clinical Research)
Proposal Title: "Exploiting Cdk2-driven replication stress to repurpose cancer chemotherapy"

Kamya Rajaram
Mentors: Dr. Slobodan Beronja (Human Biology) and Dr. Cyrus Ghajar (Public Health Sciences)
Proposal Title: "A cutaneous oncogenic HRAS dependent mouse model to study progression of field cancerization"